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I don't do it to boast. I do it to inspire. In this lesson, I want to share my latest achievements as an online course creator including some latest income milestones.

Remember, I started out like you - with no audience, with no experience, with nothing. In my first month, I made $62 on Udemy. Now I'm consistently making over 5-figures per month. 

This course shares exactly what I'm doing to achieve that success. And I want to make sure you trust me, as your teacher. So that's what this lesson is all about.

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English [Auto] Welcome to this update video Phil from the future here compared to when I recorded the original version of this class a lot has changed since then in my personal life a lot has changed with my business the process and the way you have success with online courses has also changed a little bit. But most of what I was doing a few years ago and when I started out still remains true today. I've probably gained a few pounds I've gained a beard this past week and I have two kids twin boys and a girl on the way. At the time of recording this I'm in a new office space from when I recorded the original content of this course and I've converted my garage into a studio. You can see a different background which I don't use for all of my videos but I'm going to get to that in a minute and talk about why I've set it up this way. But basically my day to day life looks very similar. I have continued to create more courses. I've created a lot of courses I've created expanded my brand and and done a lot of cool things. But I also wanted to just say this is going to be a little bit longer of a video and I like to put this earlier in the course so that one you can see my success and you can see a proof of my success I'm going to share my income here which I don't do anywhere else and I'm also going to just walk through a lot of things that I've done and I'm planning for the future. This is my 2020 update and so if you are brand new to teaching online courses it might be beneficial for you to skip this video if you're just looking to learn the basics and but it also might be beneficial to watch this and just see the updates because there are things later in the course that have changed that. I will go over in this video. Awesome so let's get into the proof of success as you can see here on the screen now. I have my Udemy profile which is still my main source of income with my online courses. I have over one million students now ninety nine courses that are currently published. Overall I've probably had one hundred twenty five or so but I've unpublished some. I'm working on some many of these are translated versions of courses and people often asked How do you create so many courses. Some are translated versions as you can see here and we'll talk a little bit more about that in just a minute but also a lot of these are constructed classes. Awesome. So let's get straight into the income. So Udemy has been on fire over the past few years and actually what has been a little bit different is that the past year it's been steady and I haven't put as much effort into growing my Udemy income as I have in the past. I have twin sons there 14 months right now. At the time of this recording and so I haven't been as I I just haven't been putting as much time I'm working about 16 hours a week on my business. The rest of the time I'm spending with my family. But you can see here the incredible numbers that I have still been able to maintain with my business. And that's because I've grown and I've put so much effort into it in the past and I still continue to serve the audience create more courses update courses. But as you grow and establish yourself with top rated courses you can see that it will continue to sell and even over the long term. So a typical month for me on udemy is between 30 and 40000. I have my speaks of course in the big sales seasons November December and January mostly November and January. Let's go to a previous year's so you can see so again last year 2018 this was the year that I actually put the most effort from 2017 2018. And I really saw my income ramp up you can see it continues to grow here and then through 2018 in 2019 it's kind of continued to grow but just a little bit not as much. November 2018 huge month 80000 top month for me. And so I'm actually recording this in November so I'm looking forward to this year to see what happens this year. But incredible stuff and I'm not the only one with this kind of income. There's people making a lot more than I do and I don't show you this to brag I just show you this to to show you that it's possible we can go back to my very first month. Sixty dollars sixty dollars in my first month. October 2012 jumped to 63. The next month to 88. The next month and I was like Oh my God this is a ton of money that I'm making let me continue to make courses. And then in April I hit my first 1000 dollar month and my mind was blown. I was doing this on the side of my full time job. Like many of you I'm sure that our watching this course and it was just incredible to see this extra income come in that I could use to pay down student loans to start saving and investing. And it just continued to grow. And you can see from the graph that it continued to grow. But I just wanted to show you that I started out just like many of you who are putting out courses and you see these big names in the industry making lots of money and you're wondering how can you do it. Well it typically does take time. So anyways incredible stuff here on you to me. I'm not sure if everyone's interested in seeing kind of the progression but just going through you can see in 2014 two years after I started that Black Friday sale past ten thousand dollars for the first time. So those two years into it it kind of hovered around that number for another year and then 2015 a year later doubled that about to 24000 the next year doubled that to 45000 and then the next year a little less than double but 73000 2017 and then that's when I was putting in a ton of work but since then like I've said because I have a family I've taken the foot off the gas pedal and I've kind of slowed down and and I've made things to be honest better for my own life because I was working too hard on this to be honest and it was unsustainable to work like this with a family and having a good family balance. But that is one of the beautiful things about having now this recurring income that is not me trading my hours for dollars but it's coming in while I sleep while I go on vacation. As long as I continue to serve my audience and and create better courses improve my courses I'm I'm all in with Udemy and I go to Udemy live every year that I can. I've been three to three of the four times so far I missed last year because my twins were due that month but this year in 2019 I went to you to me live and I'm I'm more excited than ever about you to me for the future. All right. So this is you to me but you to me is just one source of income and that's the beautiful thing with your your courses. There have been changes and I will say that but in general there is no exclusivity for putting your courses on other platforms. So I use platforms like skill share the stack commerce family of course plot platforms like stack skills and they sell and promote them via stack social and then I also have them on my own site. There is an update though I will say with you to me that on udemy if you are in the Udemy for business program then your courses moving forward have to be exclusive to you to me for business. This is their subscription service that's available for business other businesses to pay for their employees to get Udemy courses. So that's kind of a tricky balance depending on how much you're making with you to me for business. It might be better to leave your courses exclusive to Udemy for a business or to put them both on skill share on your own site on these other platforms as well. And that's a balance I'm learning right now and trying to figure out skill share for me has always been consistent. A lot of people don't have as much success on skill share because they're not in the creative sort of arts design photography those kinds of courses. I'm lucky that I am and I've just been consistently putting my courses on there as well. Lifetime earnings two hundred sixty six thousand. Nothing to blink about but definitely a lot lower than than you to me and I've been on the platform for about the same amount of time. My courses just haven't been as good on skill share or their audience just isn't as big as you to me. But still an average of seven eight nine thousand dollars a month. Incredible incredible stuff on skill share stack commerce. As I mentioned is a family of companies it's a little bit trickier to get your courses on this platform and don't worry I go into all of this in the later sections of this course about the different platforms choosing your platforms hosting. But ninety thousand dollars and this is probably over the past few years mostly. So again another source of income from your courses. So I know it's a lot of work to put together a course upfront but remember you're able to put this out on many different platforms. I look at them as little streams of income. One course can be put up in that little stream of income from each course comes and creates a giant Amazonian river of ink of revenue hopefully for it for everyone. So then I also have my own platform and as you can see it's steadily increase I have my Black Friday sales each year. I haven't done mine yet for this this year but this is monthly revenue and a lot of this is coming recurring from my membership. So what I do on videos go online which I host my courses using teachable I packaged them all together for a monthly price. So this gives people the option if they are interested in enrolling in a lot of my courses to get them all for one monthly price or you can pay annually or a lifetime membership up until this time I've charged nine dollars a month basically competing with your traditional other subscription services whether it's skill share dot com Netflix Amazon Prime all these other subscription services I am going to be increasing that a little bit this year because I've as I've added courses it's become a more valuable membership to be in this is honestly something that I don't promote too much. I continue to do most of my promotion to my courses hosted on udemy. I just have my Web site and people end up on my membership because it is the main opt in on the home page of my web site which you will see in just a minute. But every month or so two three thousand dollars and it's continued to steadily grow over time. And this is just a great backup option. If anything happened to my other streams of income and it's I would say it's good to have your courses on your own platform just to have there. Even if you're not promoting them. So if anything happen you are ready to drum up the promotions of your own platform so that you can can get that revenue and income back again. We're gonna be covering a lot of this later in the course as well so if I had to pare down what I think it takes to be a successful online course creator so far in my journey and also moving forward it's really stayed the same over time. The goal is to put together a good course that gets good reviews because when your course gets a lot of good reviews it ranks well pretty much pretty much on any platform you put it on. And so if your course is getting a lot of good reviews then it's going to rank well on udemy which means it's going to get in front of more students who are searching for your topic which means that you're going to get more sales which means you're going to get even more reviews which means your ranking is going to increase or stay high. And that cycle continues. The hardest part is when you're starting out or even when you're launching a new course. Even for me when I'm launching a new course especially if it's in a new topic area it's hard to break through and compete with the well-established course creators and courses that are there that are ranking high. But that being said that's pretty much the name of the game. So your mindset if you're trying to succeed on udemy or any of these platforms is how do I get some initial students in there. How do I get them to review the course highly obviously and doing in a natural way meaning not telling them to do it not doing it any illegally or against the rules way by just by creating a great course that they love and then once you get more students the benefit is that you can promote any existing or new courses to that audience and that helps and when you create your next course or you promote your next course. And so that's why I've always created a lot of courses on you to me and I've seen that most chorus creators have success by creating a lot of courses because you're able to cross promote within your audience and it just helps you to grow an audience that you can promote your new content to and with more courses out there. It's more ways that people can find you and enroll in your courses and get into your email list. We'll call it again we're going to cover all of this and future lessons but basically on udemy you can send a promotional email to all of your students. Now not all of them receive it because a lot of them can opt out and do opt out. But as you grow that audience and this could also be off platform as well. That's why having a Web site a YouTube channel a social media presence groups on social media doing all of this has helped me succeed because I've grown it over time so when I launch a course now it typically automatically makes a decent amount of sales and when people enroll in courses they generally will review it if they are going through it. Now there's tricks and ways that you can try to get people to take more of your course. I mean just making sure those first lectures of your course are engaging. Making sure that those first lectures include actionable and things that people are actually learning and it's not just a bunch of fluff about who you are as an instructor or your background. That kind of thing. Making those first lessons engaging. Which I've tried to do with this course also including downloadable resources so that when someone enrolls in your course and then automatically in that first section they get a nice PDL guide or some other downloadable cheat sheets or things like that. Free e-books free audio version of your course whatever it can be. Practice files that make students excited and it makes it feel more valuable and more likely to leave a better review. Also sending announcements updates updating of course and telling students about it. Just encouraging students to keep going. That's going to lead to more reviews and not that many other instructors are paying that much attention to actually what happens after a student enrolls in the class. Everyone cares about getting people into the class but once they do that they kind of leave them and let them be and let them take the course. But the instructors who have success are the ones that pay attention and follow up and make sure the students are enjoying the classes. So that's basically how you can have success recently since my last updated video over the past couple of years if you ask me what are the things that have been most successful for me with my online course business one is building a community off of Udemy via a Facebook group. So let's check that out. Here's my group on Facebook called photography and friends. Initially it was a group just for members of one course of mine. My best selling photography master class. But I realized that it could benefit a lot more than a lot more people than not. And so I opened it up to students who are in my photography courses and at the beginning of all of my courses I tell people hey you can join this facebook group as an added bonus as a way to get more feedback to post questions. And we do lots of stuff in this group. We have challenges we have advanced weekly adventures that we prompt people to go and take a certain type of photo. Every month I put up an editing tutorial with a file that people can download and practice on their own. We do competitions we do monthly live streams where we answer questions. So this is all a benefit to students who enroll in my courses and I think that's one of the ways we've had a lot of success and get good reviews for our photography courses is because once you enroll you don't only get access to the course materials but you get access to this amazing community that is super engaged and will help you out. So I'm just scrolling through here so you can see kind of what we've done but over 30000 members have joined this and all of these people are from our courses which is pretty incredible. And this is over the past year or so a year and a half since we started this. So here you can see an example of a weekly adventure or a weekly challenge. This week we asked people to post a photo of their daily transport so people have been commenting and shape. This is so cool. I haven't even looked at these actually. So we've got people posting all kinds of shoes big rigs Tuck text tricycles jeeps all kinds of stuff that people are taking for their transportation. Let me look at our announcements because this is where you can kind of see the other stuff that we've been posting just to give you a sense of how to keep create an engaging group. So these are going out weekly. This this week I posted a video because we're coming out with a new course on photo composition asking students what do they need help with in terms of composition. This is just was just posted. Not all this does a couple of things. It helps us to create a better course because students are going to be posting what they want to learn. And it also gets people aware that we are creating a new course that they might be interested in. Now that's the secondary reason but it's important and it will help when we actually launch a course because a lot of people what they do is they create a course on udemy they send out a promotional announcement out of the blue. And students are like well there's a new course. I don't know anything about this. I'm going to archive that. But if a month before or a couple weeks before you were posting about it on social media there's rules that you you can't just post in to your Udemy students hey I'm creating this new course. Check it out in two weeks I'll be launching it. But there's ways to to do it within the rules and fairly to your students as well. As long as it's educational. And so if someone knows that a course is coming out in the future and then you send them an announcement about it they're going to be much more likely to enroll. Here's what I mentioned the photo editing challenge for this month. Everyone can download this and practices something that I'm going to talk about even more about what I'm doing in the future but also where I've had a lot of success in the past year or so is hiring people outsourcing a lot of my tasks and I'll talk more about this in a second doing polling. So another thing we're doing is translating a lot of our courses. This is something that I've had a lot of success with. And so I did a poll in my group to see what languages would be the most desired for a translation and so see we got people and this is direct feedback from students who would be actually interested in these different courses lots of stuff lots of cool stuff here. So the key to having success on in a community or a with a Facebook group is to keep it engaging and to you're going to have to work hard at it initially build up the numbers of students until it can be sort of self-sustaining and self self supportive in the beginning. I was in there answering all the questions posting feedback to all of the photos that were being posted by students and of course this is going to look different depending on what your topic is. But once there were enough students in this group and they were engaged with the group I was able to step back and now the students were supporting themselves. They were posting enough content to keep it engaging. What I did though to make sure that I was sane and not going crazy. And the students had enough engaging content to stay in the group and stay active was to come up with a content schedule. So as you saw we have weekly photo adventures monthly editing challenges. We have a monthly livestream. We have every other month. We have a photo competition doing this stuff keeps the group engaged and all of that those posts I can create beforehand and schedule out. So I'm not waking up every day or every Monday thinking oh what am I going to be posting in this group. I don't know. I have it all scheduled out beforehand I spent probably a total of of a week or two putting together its content. And yes sometimes I have to record and videos and it's good to pop in there and be fresh and create different content. But a majority of the content has been created maybe months or a year ago and scheduled out. So that's something that I would just think about and it's been very successful that create an engaged group of students but also in the long run it kind of helps our courses because these students are going to much more likely leave better reviews. All right. So what else have we been doing. Videos go online. My brand has gone through a few different iterations I started it as a way to just share my courses and to with the goal of creating a platform where people can learn skills I realized that I was putting a lot of effort into the website itself and I wasn't getting too much return on that investment. It wasn't becoming a web site where people were going for specific tutorials or blog articles that I was posting. So instead I took a step back and I said OK what can I do to make this better for the student. And what's the purpose of this site. The ultimate purpose is to get people into my courses. How do I do that. Well I have to have it easily laid out where people can find what they're looking for. So if you go to video school online dot com right now there's e easy tabs at the top that you can find the category or the topic you're looking for. So for example if we go to video the video page there's some information at the top with a an email series that we are doing. So this gets people on our email list down below. There are guides and I have to fix this. This video player right here for sure. This is too big. So always good to check your Web sites to make sure that things look look good over time with any updates. But here you see all of our main guides. So instead of having a blog with just an endless list of tutorials or guides that aren't really organized I organized it all by page. So now this page has all of our video related guides and then our courses down at the bottom. Same goes for these other pages. So photography for example I have an e-mail series down below we have these guides and a lot of these guides were actually written by someone I hired I hired a photographer using up WorldCom to write key guides on all kinds of topics I think she ended up writing 30 or 40 articles for me and she wrote these before I was doing this before my twin boys were born because what I wanted was I wanted to have a schedule of content that would be released even after my boys were born and I actually took three months off of work completely. I mean now I'm spending about 16 hours of a week. Back then when they were born I was spending maybe one or two hours just checking emails making sure nothing was broken but before that I had outsourced a lot in terms of content creation and then I had scheduled these articles to come out. Now this video is getting really long but I hope you are enjoying it. I kind of wanted to just include as much information as possible with this update because it is 20 20 and coming up and it is the start of a new decade and a lot has happened since I did a previous update for this course. But again you can see now all of my courses are listed below. I give people the option to purchase the course on udemy or through videos go online if they click the videos go online link. It will take them to our membership page so lots of stuff here. So that's pretty much what I want my website to be right now. It's a great resource. There are some articles for the different topics but ultimately it's more of a portfolio of my courses. People who are interested in my courses or they search for my name or videos go online because they've heard someone talk about my courses. They can come here and they find oh here's all my courses. Ultimately though something that I've been experimenting with and I'm moving towards is creating a separate brand for my photography audience because the audience has grown so much. I'm creating a new Web site called photography and friends now. Initially this is just going to be a Web site. This is not live yet. But it's just going to be a place where I move some might content that's on videos go online and replicate it here. And the goal is that I really want this to be the one stop shop for anyone who's interested in learning anything about photography. They can come here. I'm going to have a start here page with free lessons that I take from my courses and I've list them out here in an order so people can actually come here and take and engage with a lot of content. But of course this is also going to be promoting my courses for people are interested guides. So again this is just another place where we can post are our guides because again to be honest sometimes I posted tutorial on youtube but it doesn't end up on video school online. And it's because videos go online like I mentioned has turned more into a portfolio whereas photo photography and friends will become a specific place for tutorials and learning photography skills in this course. You'll probably hear me talk about how I've always struggled with having a brand that covers so many different topics and for the longest time I've struggled with and I've said I'm just going to keep videos online I'm going to put everything under that brand. But at the end of the day it's easier to have a brand that's focused on one topic area you can scale bigger you serve your audience better. And so that's why I'm separating the Web site out into photography and friends. So this is just another experiment that I'm doing. As you can see I've had a lot of success with videos go online and what I've done and now I'm doing a lot of things to just experiment and and see what's going to work moving in the future. So I was going down a little bit of a rabbit hole there but back to what has just worked really well for me over the past few years or even beyond YouTube. YouTube has been a great place for me to just post videos course videos but also as free previews but also separated unique tutorials. You can see here that I have one hundred and thirteen thousand subscribers right now and I'm still posting pretty often. So this was the batch of videos I recorded. So this was a little bit more often than typical. But in the past week I have like 10 or more videos but previous to that posting about once a week or so on average YouTube is a great place to to start if you're interested in growing a brand off of Udemy or off of your course platform. The other thing that has been super successful for me always has been constructing with with other partners. This has allowed me to expand my topic area to create courses that I'm not an expert in but my students are interested in. So if you go to my mind Udemy profile you can see this is a construction light room. That's just me marketing this is not a construction but this is a partnership with a Spanish instructor who has translated this course for me. Here are more translations of the partner start your photography business. This is a construction construction construction pretty much everything on this page is a construction. Except for my content marketing and Lightroom of course. So you can see that at this point I've created pretty much any course that I can or would want to teach on my own. At this point in my career and so I've expanded and I've continued to part with partner with other instructors. Now the benefit of this is that not only can we come together create a brand new course topic but of course we each will have our own audience that we can promote too. Typically I'm partnering with instructors who have a lot smaller of an hour audience. Right now I'm actually working with a couple instructors who have I think like less than a thousand students on udemy but they have a skillset that I'm interested in and that's 3D animation and 3D design. So we're partnering together. And that's just been another way that I've continued to expand my course catalog and earn more revenue. So if you're sitting there and you're not sure if you're wondering how can you make more money why aren't you having enough success maybe reach out to some other instructors and see if you can partner. And then lastly just to cover it in a little bit more depth. One thing that I've done over the past couple of years to to help me out and to help my business is outsourced. So first I hired people to help answer questions on udemy. So I've gone through several different assistants who have done that and that was a bit of work to find the right right fit who had the right skills the right knowledge to help me out but I'm very thankful for my all of my assistants who have helped me out there. I've hired a virtual assistant to help me respond to reviews do things like accept people to my facebook groups. All of these little things that would take a minute here a minute there not much time but it adds up over the course of a day or a week. And it also just takes up mental space which was was really frustrating to me when I was you know just have my kid my my twin boys I'm trying to run this business at the same time people are wondering why why can't I join the Facebook group I requested to join a month ago or prior not a month ago by a week ago. So now I don't even have to think about that stuff. And those are all important things though to help your business grow to respond to reviews to respond to questions. I've also outsource some of my course and video editing which has been huge for me like many people who are starting out. You think that you are the only person that can do a certain thing as a video editor myself. I thought I'm the only one that can edit my courses. I do it fast anyways. Why would I pay someone to do it. But especially with having kids and cutting my work hours it was necessary if I was going to continue to put out courses put out YouTube videos and that kind of thing to outsource my some of my editing so that's been super helpful. Moving on into 20 20 watt and beyond. What are the things that I'm doing to to grow my business even more. I think the key things are more coarse translations especially going to you to me live. This year I saw that they are continuing to push into other languages. I think a majority of course sales now are definitely outside of the United States and I am not sure exactly but the numbers of courses sold in other languages is huge and there's a real desire from people to to have courses in other parts of the world. Now I've done this a few different ways in the past. I've partnered with other instructors who are already on udemy they speak Spanish for example we basically give them the course content and they translate it for me add subtitles or do a voiceover or sometimes recreate the course from scratch but in their own language but using basically my my outline and my script and doing it themselves. And that's typically a split 50 50 revenue. I share it with them and they manage the course after the fact which is really nice. I've also done it differently where I've paid up front for someone to transcribe and translate that transcription. Then I've gone in and added those subtitles and burned those captions into the video file so that it's there and it's a professional translation and that's been really good because I get to keep the revenue moving forward but it's also a lot more work and I have to either myself or one of my assistants has to to support that that course moving forward in a different language. Thankfully one of my assistants does speak Spanish German Italian so she's helped with some courses. Otherwise you have to rely on Google Translate which isn't that good or hiring someone who does speak that language. But my my biggest advice for you would be to to test it out maybe try it with a couple of your best courses if you have one best selling course try it out for me. Portuguese Spanish has worked really well. I have some courses in French Chinese Mandarin Italian that poor even polish and some of those have worked OK. But I would say right now the Spanish and Portuguese markets are huge. But that being said just like how it was when I was starting out on you to it's good to plant your flag with your course. In the beginning because there's some markets that are just getting started and there is not as much competition in different topics in those languages. So you if you can establish yourself as the go to course or go to instructor in those languages that would be amazing for those other languages. Another thing that I'm doing is making better resources for my courses. So usually I come back from Udemy live and I keep talking about you to me live. But if you don't know what it is it's a conference that Udemy has just for the instructors and so you there's lots of sessions on how to create courses how to promote courses all kinds of stuff. The best part of it about it is and you get to meet other co instructors or other instructors who get you who understand what you're going through and you just immediately have this connection with the people that you might see on udemy you might see in the different groups or the instructor community but usually I come back thinking oh I am pumped up I'm going to go create a bunch of new courses. I've got 20 courses that I want to launch next year. This year I came back and I didn't want to create a much new courses. What I wanted to do was go back to all of my existing courses and make them even better because even I have a lot of courses that don't rank well for the keyword for their topic and even jumping up definitely to that first page of search results but also more importantly from you know sixth seventh spot in the list to the top one through five that's going to help increase your your sales and revenue a ton. And so I'm going back to a lot of my courses adding practical activities which students like adding new resources. So I want to show you an example of something that I am doing. This is a template or a sample that I'm working with a designer and she's actually a student of mine and I hired her through with a Facebook group for photography and friends and she's creating sort of this notebook for my courses and so she's going through each lesson she's adding key points some more examples all kinds of cool stuff and so I'm gonna be doing more of this stuff so that when you enroll in any of my courses you get an e-book you get some sort of notebook like this. Again just trying to make that course experience even better. And then the last thing I'll say that I've been doing is really solidifying my my launch sequence. So when you when I launch a course I want to have a sequence of content that I'm putting out not just with my promotions on you to me but also off platform. So here you can see an example of what I've created. So a month before I'll be posting a video and sending out an email and posting on social media just asking people like we saw in the group what questions they have about this course topic A week before I'll be prepping people with social media graphics on launch day I have all of this content that I'm putting out I follow it up after launch day with different emails videos and this is this is one of the ways that you have success on you to me it's not about just putting out one promo video promo email and expecting to have success it's about following up and throughout this course you're going to watch some videos that I've created in the past talking about my launch sequence talking about pricing. A lot has changed over over the years most recently Udemy has updated their pricing and their coupon promotion strategy again in late 2019 and I'm kind of waiting to see how that goes to determine how I promote a new course and I'll be updating this course if there's anything major that I'm doing differently. But it seems like still we're able to do a discount for a shorter window period. We can't create unlimited free coupons anymore. We can't create unlimited nine dollar and ninety nine cent coupons with no expiration. There are new rules that have been implemented but the strategy pretty much remains the same. It's not just about the price. It really isn't about the price that someone's going to buy of course from you. It's about whether it's a topic and a skill set they need it's about how in your promotions you help them understand that by taking your course. What are they going to gain. It's about what they're going to gain and not what they're going to lose. It's not about them losing 10 dollars or 15 dollars or 20 dollars. It's about the skills they're going to gain from you and how that's going to make their life even better. And that's what you have to get across in all of your promotions. So again just having a more kind of solidified launch plan especially as I've continued working with more partners and and co instructors having this set. So if someone wants to partner with me they know this is what I'm going to do. And they need to be a part of it. Aside from that expanding my team even more outsourcing even more I think that's definitely one thing just to keep the content coming to to make it even better. As I continue to spend a lot of time with my family. And that's. And I have a baby girl coming in for months now and so I'm going to be taking off a few months after that. Just to be with the family don't know how it's going to be having one year old twins and our one and a half year old twins with a baby girl as well. Well it's gonna be a fun adventure. So anyways I hope this video was helpful. I hope it was inspiring and I hope that if you're brand new to this course you are excited to continue with this course. As I mentioned there are updates to the way that I do things. There are things in this course that might be a little outdated. Please let me know. Message me if there's anything that or post a question if there's anything that seems out of date to you because I want to make sure that this the rest the content is still applicable. And I say all this knowing that everything that I've done up until this point most of it still applies to today. So that's why this course I think has helped a lot of people get started. And I hope it continues to do so in the future. All right. To 2020 and beyond. Best of luck and thank you so much for enrolling in this class and watching this video. Cheers.