Session-16-Submodalities-Dealing with people who annoy you-Exercise-EDITED

Mayur Bardolia
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  • Introduction to NLP – Understand what NLP really is
  • Find out how the mind works and how we think what we think
  • Presuppositions of NLP – A set of winning beliefs and mindsets to take with you on your journey to excellence
  • Perceptual Positions – Learn to understand others and deal with misunderstanding and conflicts
  • Submodalities -Master Your Emotions – Eliminate limiting beliefs, phobias, negative emotions and unwanted behavior forever
  • Anchoring – Be in any positive emotional states such to improve your productivity and happiness anytime and anywhere you want
  • • Instantly ‘click’ yourself in a positive state under any circumstances
  • Well-Formed Outcome -Goal Setting to Goal Getting – Distinguish and create ‘outcomes’ rather than ‘goals’
  • Well-formed outcome - From Goal setting to Goal getting- powerful goal setting system to achieve goals systematically
  • Rapport – Have the ability to create instant rapport with people & a sense of deep trust
  • Connect with others quickly and grow your relationship
  • Precision Communication- Develop ability to ask precision questions and understand & motivate others with powerful art of questioning
  • Hypnotic language pattern – Become a powerful communicator and develop an exceptional level of influence over self and others to make positive and empowering changes
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