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In this video you are going to learn strategies how to break limiting beliefs

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English [Auto] Ever felt like you're standing in your own way, like it's not our people who keep you from being successful, it's yourself. And why is that? Because there are some limiting beliefs that you have about yourself, your capabilities, who you are, who you can be and you need to change. Tim, welcome to this civilian, which is hard for me to do because if I was perfect on this, I would be a billionaire. I have to smarts. I have the money. I have to technique's. Why am I not yet? Because I don't believe in myself yet. Fully enough. And I'm going to be honest with you, if you want to become really great at is if you identify this as to be a key thing that keeps you away from your success, you've got to do more than watch this video. You're probably going to have to find out who is the best that you connect with that can teach you about it. Like Tony Robbins. I'm standing in his shadow here, but I have to speak about this because in sales, as for anything else in life, if you want to have success, the endgame is important and especially self sabotage. Limiting beliefs are. And that's why it's a difficult video for me to make for you. I hope you appreciate sharing my experience, sharing my thoughts. What can you do to overcome limiting beliefs? Think for yourself. What can you do? Maybe you come up with the suggestion. In fact, you're right. That's one of them. It's not the only one. If you want to change the course of a car, what do you do? First of all, you interrupt whatever's happening if you're speeding and going straight, well, what do you need to do to interrupt it? Right. So you bring ideas onto a new course. A pattern interrupted is number one. And the two was number two. You replace it with something else. Our brain is very bad and accepting no or a lack of trying not to think of a pink elephant. You know, it doesn't work, but you can replace the pink elephant with a yellow elephant. And that is what you're tapping into here yourself. So you're exchanging the limiting belief with some belief that you can let me tell you something you matter. And this is really the core of the lecture. You as a person matter. And it's important to point that out in all the quest for success that we have. It only really works if you are good with yourself, if you are your best friend. Let me tell you from past experience, whenever I beat myself up, I had the worst outcomes. You matter, and that is why you replace that limiting belief, almost like why should you not? I mean, I know you have this personal relationship with yourself, but why should you not be successful? Almost take it like it's not like you are any worse. I tell you anybody, you've to find strength and are able to put them into an outward fashion like you learning in this course, you're learning skills here. Anybody can become really successful. You too. And all you have to do is let go of some beliefs that are just harmful. Don't obsess over them, don't think they're part of you. You are important. You are valuable for who you are, not just for what you do, for who you are and not for the beliefs that you have about yourself. You need to change your limiting beliefs. That's the bottom up. So no one had interrupt. No. To replace them. And number three, what is a mystery? You put fuel into your new beliefs. That's right. I want you to go away from this video knowing that you are important. Yes, you deserve it. And you are the most important person in your life. It's not a bad thing. You are the most important person. And if you want to help anybody else, you first need to help yourself. You deserve it and you owe it to yourself. No matter what mistakes you made in the past, you are not your past, you are your future and you can be anything. Now, can I get a little bit emotional here? Because I see especially people that try to improve themselves like you are. I know. Otherwise, you wouldn't take the video or that course at all, especially those people who sometimes beat themselves up too much. It's very emotional to me. It doesn't help you. And I want you to find reasons why it doesn't help you, because I'm sure you've seen that at some point when you were good with yourself, everything else worked. But when you beat yourself up did not. All right. Now, this is as much as you're going to hear from me on this subject. Again, I'm not a master on this. I'm not Tony Robbins. But I know that you are valuable, that you can do anything in the whole universe, whatever you want. I know it. I feel it. And I really know and I need you to know that because that is what's going to change the life for you and for anybody. You have to do with your changing the life of a lot of people if you start believing in yourself.