Trick Of Remembering Names

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We do not say that remembering many names is easy, however, there is a trick to remember names. You will learn the trick to remember names in this lesson.

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NLP- How To Use A Person's Name For Instant Rapport

NLP- How To Use A Person's Name For Instant Rapport Using Powerful NLP Techniques And Build A long lasting Relation

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  • By the end of the course students will learn how to remember and use the names easily and become more confident to build an instant rapport and a long lasting relation.
  • You will be able to relax instantly using self hypnosis techniques and be more confident and be able to build rapport easily
  • You be learn how to create an anchor to become more confident to use a person's name for instant rapport
  • Using the techniques , people will also be able to remember your names and build a long lasting relationship for future
English [Auto] Well come back my friend. And now the other important thing is once you know the person's personality preach speed and accent put you pick name. Three times he repeated. I'll tell you a trick here. No no name three times. It does takes nothing. To do that 80 times in death their commodity their accent and their speed. You are making and building completely to the whole they put on a daily and when you're seeing it. I'm hitting that empty time. They feel good. Number two you remember the name easily. If you repeat somebody name three or four times in one conversation or shortcomings Absolutely and only you will remember the name. Number one. Number two do we feel good about it. I'll give you an example outwardly. Now when you introduce yourself or somebody say I'm the name I'll listen what the person say before they say my name is John. OK John first to you then John has a question like you're asking them a question. She has softball. Whatever they say or they correct you if you are wrong. They say John it's nice to meet you John here. And what he said is the time for she said John. They say yes and others say start with John John. It's very nice to meet you at this place. I would like to work with you John. I used it three times. Now be more creative you can make it four times or five times in a longer sentence. Glad to meet you. You can be pretty glad to meet you John. And I really love to see you and what with you together. John tell me one thing. Can I ask you a question here if you're one. How can I do this to you. You know what. How can I help you. So you used the name John again and again and again and again your commercialism and make sure you the same Xon you been not not 100 percent not quite 100 percent exact You need not only with X and with a name or not but some people that pronounces are different than we know a culture. So most of the time I've seen this as we don't know. I have the I'm from India and I say my name is Pradeep. I were talking to somebody over telephone recently from America. She was not able to pronounce my name correctly without cut my spelling is different than what they use. So it's you asking me how you pronounce it. Then I slowly said the and does heal the. And she started repeating the same three times sensitive the memory so repeating the name three times or four times when one comes is and is very very important. And when you do that the person will feel connected with you know sometimes when we talk about this and we'll say well maybe the other person will not feel offended we are making them. Not at all. You only hear when the accent form they put in the name and the same tonality. Now I use one more technique here. I do a you know when I go to the hotels or when they have their batch of their name put there. So I look at the name and then when I talk to them I use any. Now sometimes I find a difficult name there which happens so I have to put the name to it and that is he. Am I pronouncing correct. Is your name. If I am wrong they will correct me. And then what do they correct me. I use them a number of time and I use it at their lines. Then I go to the WOW airport when I can actually wear body parts. I want a buckle eat seat while I wear the name I use in empty time on my laptop. I always get to service with people like to me because they feel good when I'm talking to them and using their name. So this is how you can repeat the name. The name is very very important. Don't worry about it. That's a very very important not don't do the whole thing blew the all the centers they repeat off it because you are not good at all. The name is very very important. What everybody their name is very important. I will repeat the name did all this person knows me you know they feel very good now whenever taking a flight or was I was traveling a business class and it just came to me. I used money the what we like to eat. I said I you don't mind me. So we know oh how they don't know if they ever lift the trolley and see no way that I will have another way. I've read that and I will have the come to me. The US will see my name and feel so good now when I'm taking a boarding pass and going into the they do the security check in India and they take the card and you give it to me and every time they do that they use my name or the money which hopefully they will have a nice life to the same struggle I'll have a nice lately. Wish you a wonderful flight today and they use my name and that I feel good. I think I'm privileged So that gives a lot to sort of putting a name is very very important. So I wanted to practice that a friend right now. I find somebody and go on and just pretty randomly. You do it 10 times. Fact is is that the new people you will master it. I told you mostly. And people will like you and trust you. And you feel an instant connection with them or do this now and then come back to the next lesson. Thank you very much.