What is on the CompTIA A+ Core 2 (220-1002) Exam?

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The 220-1002 Core 2 exam covers four big subject areas: operating systems, security, software troubleshooting, and operational procedures. Mike dives into the sub-objectives in this episode, providing an overview of what you need to know for success on the Core 2 exam.

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TOTAL: CompTIA A+ Certification (220-1002).

Course 2: Everything you need to pass the A+ Certification Core 2 (220-1002) Exam, from Mike Meyers and Total Seminars.

14:49:40 of on-demand video • Updated March 2021

  • How to pass the CompTIA A+ Certification Core 2 (220-1002) exam
  • The skills to be a great IT and computer tech
  • All about operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
  • Scripting basics (Javascript, Python, Visual Basic and more)
  • How to secure your computer, mobile device, and network
  • Security concepts like malware, antivirus, anti-malware, and networking security protocols
  • How to troubleshoot software and mobile issues
  • How to use command-line tools in Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Industry standards and best practices for documentation, change management, disaster prevention and recovery, procedures and policies
English [Auto] The county AA plus court, two two two zero one thousand two is the follow on to the two two zero one thousand one, you've got to take both of these tests to get your AA plus certification. So let's talk about the two two zero one thousand two, also known as the core to exam. Now, it always starts with the objective. So I've downloaded the two two zero one thousand two objectives right here. Let's take a look. So it's exam to core to right there. All right. So the big thing I want to look at here more than anything else are the domains. Before we do notice, it's going to be maximum of 90 questions. It's going to be multiple choice and performance based. The length of the test is 90 minutes recommended experience is 12 months. But I tell you, company is going to change your mind on this again. And a passing score of seven on a scale of one hundred to nine hundred. Here's our four domains. No one is operating systems at twenty seven percent, security at twenty four percent, software troubleshooting at twenty six percent and operational procedures at twenty three percent. The two to zero one thousand two is very Microsoft Windows centric. However, you definitely want to have a lot of comfort, particularly on Linux and particularly Linux at a command line as well as Mac OS. So we're really talking about three different operating systems here. Keep in mind we're talking about working within the GUI itself. And when I say goofy, we're talking about being comfortable both with the Mac OS as well as Windows. Now the exam covers a number of different versions of Windows. It starts with Windows seven, goes to Windows eight, eight out one in ten. But just between you and me, if you practice with Windows seven, Windows 10, you'll be fine. Also, keep in mind that you're going to have to be really comfortable with utilities. If you need to work with a hard drive to partition or format it, you need to know how to do it in these operating systems. If you want to configure screens, anything that you need to be able to do, you should be very comfortable handling these types of utilities and all these operating system. The two to zero one thousand two has twenty four percent of their questions based on security. Now, security is a pretty broad concept here. Sure. They're talking about things like usernames and passwords using nice long passwords. Yes, of course, they're going to be talking about firewalls, but it goes into a lot of other stuff as well. You might not think of, for example, personal safety, making sure you have the right kind of goggles, taking care of your equipment. Anti static measures are really, really important on the exam. And you got to keep yourself safe. Operating systems and the applications that live upon them often have issues. So the software troubleshooting aspect to the two to zero one thousand two covers all these. So we're talking about things like, for example, anti malware. We're talking about device driver configuration. We're talking about installing an uninstalling applications. And of course, we're always talking about the troubleshooting things we need to do to keep our operating systems running at peak performance and how to get it. Oops, I love working on computers, but unfortunately I also have to deal with these things called human beings and human beings need to be communicated to we have to deal with paperwork so that they can be organized and that's what operational procedures is all about. So first of all, we're going to teach you how to talk to customers in a nice way. And it's actually some pretty good information. It also helps you organize your troubleshooting into a troubleshooting theory and also dealing with all kinds of paperwork. That's absolutely critical for you to be a good a plus technician. Personally, I find the two to zero one thousand two to be a little bit more challenging than the two to zero one thousand one. I don't think it's because the questions are harder, but I think a lot of the operational procedures, stuff which I'd like to think I'm a people person, but I'd much rather be working with CPU's than with security people. But the bottom line is, is that I find it a little bit more challenging. However, it's not that bad. And go ahead, take both of these exams and good luck to you and get a plus certified.