'Results' Versus 'Reasons'

Kain Ramsay
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Lecture description

A wise man once suggested that waiting is a trap and that there will always be reasons to wait.

The truth is, there are only two factors that determine the overall quality of our life, reasons and results. The same wise man also suggested that reasons don't count!

NLP Master Practitioner Certification (Advanced to Expert)

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NLP Master Practitioner Certificate (Advanced to Specialist)

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  • You will learn how to inspire change in people's limiting ideologies and empower them to live more harmonious and autonomous lives.
  • Further develop your primary senses, develop your intuition and increase your level of self-awareness and self-effectiveness.
  • Utilise powerful language patterns for influencing and modifying behaviours in all contexts, from business to education and coaching.
  • Competently facilitate breakthrough sessions with people, as a result, they experience major paradigm shifts in response to your practice.
  • Understand the essential applied psychological principles, tools and methodologies that underpin the masterful practice of NLP.
  • Understand the core motivations and common assumptions that underpin most patterns of unhelpful, habitual behaviour (productive and destructive forms).
  • How the mind processes day-to-day experiences and transforms our interpretation of them into memories, fears, frustrations, passions, actions and outcomes.
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  • On completion of the course, you can apply to join The Academy for Modern Applied Psychology for professional membership to put into practice your new-found skills.
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