Basics of AWS Networking (Part 1)

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Basics of AWS Networking (Part 1)

Lecture description

In this lecture, you will learn about Basics of AWS VPC, moving physical to virtual networking, VPC terminologies and how to calculate VPC, Subnets address in CIDR notation

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AWS VPC and Networking in depth: Learn practically in 8 hrs

AWS Networking from basics to advanced with 20+ simple to complex real life hands on exercises

09:10:18 of on-demand video • Updated April 2022

Networking in AWS - Basic to Advanced Networking concepts by doing hands on exercises
Whiteboard sessions to see how various networking components work together
Understand how to secure your infrastructure by using appropriate Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) components and firewalls
AWS Public and Private Network connectivity options and their implementation
In depth understanding of VPC, CIDR, Subnets, Route Tables, Security Groups, NACL, NAT Gateway, NAT Instance, VPC Peering, VPC Endpoint, VPC PrivateLink, VPN connection, Direct Connect, Route53 Failover, Transit VPC and Transit Gateway