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Discipline and self-discipline. Is there a difference?

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English [Auto] Let me start with the statements I hate discipline probably as much as I love self-discipline. I can already hear some of you say what. Call me again. Isn't that the same. No it's not. Hear me out when we talk about discipline. We immediately and rightly so make the association with school the army maybe a strong father figure etc. by now and especially after the last lecture you probably understand where I'm going with this. Discipline is a Palillo limbic tool to keep people under control and have them do things that they otherwise would never do. It's about obedience. It's about submissiveness. You turn off your critical thinking abilities and you just do what you were taught. Discipline activates are part of your limbic brain. Ok I do confess I'm not a big fan of the pallial and. As I've seen too often the collateral damage it does. So how is this different to self discipline. Well actually it has nothing to do with it except maybe for the same with self-discipline there is a free choice to follow rules and procedures not because of the fear of a sanction but with a clear objective in mind to become better at something to gain mastery over negativity to obtain that lot of exercise and repetition is needed. Self-discipline is about a conscious learning process that activates the prefrontal brain in order to embed the action into neo limbic autopilot as to reach excellence. In other words discipline is about putting in chains. Self-discipline is about freedom. Now as you know the world isn't black or white of course is discipline bad or evil. Now of course not. It's actually quite necessary with young children to give them clear limits and tame their pallial in big mode. Yes I did use the word tame as the Pollio limbic is quite an animalistic way of dealing with the word discipline here is necessary and it really becomes interesting when we use discipline that is forced upon us as an opportunity to develop self-discipline when faced with adversity our capacity to adapt and make the best of it is the key to success. Having said that I know for myself that I will always have issues doing something when the only explanation I get is because I tell you so. That's just insulting to me. But then again when I react like that. Isn't that in the Olympic mode taking over my secondary motivations or activating my intolerance to pre-Olympic dominance. Maybe it's time for me to do an adventure back on this.