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This is one of the most important lectures of this course. Please pay attention and revisit it as much as needed. After completion you will have the keys to the city so to speak. Understanding how to count half steps and whole steps will help you play chords, scales, and almost anything else you want to do. This has to become like second natural.

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English [Auto] You are doing Joseph Evans again here we're going to talk about half steps and whole steps in this lecture. Honestly this might just be one of the you know most important lectures in this whole section here it is whole part of his course here and a reason why is because understanding has to have some steps is going to help you to be able to play any major or minor scale or any major minor three note chord on the keyboard. Guaranteed. I'm going to show you prove it to you in the next lectures to come. OK. So let's go over half of and some steps now basically whenever you're playing the piano tactically you go up all the notes. All right. So what a half step is is the note that is directly next to OK directly next to the note. Now I must show you. So a half step up from C would be because you see it directly next to that note. So let's look right here if you look at E What would be a half step up from E. Now cool trick you know to find half steps easily is to play that note up here. OK. Because if you play it up here you can't get mistaken for what the next note is. All right. Same thing would be if you're like OK what's the next note. All right as a half step cut. No there's no there's nothing right here in the middle. Same it doesn't matter where you are and keep on on the keyboard you can play right here. A half step up from the sharp is going to be e same thing with the all right and you can also make half step up or half steps down. So I can go to see you right here and I can go down a half step which would be all right. A b b safe is on G sharp half step down would be G Gammy. So now do we got half steps down how you find a whole step is to go to half steps up. OK so going to see the C Sharp is one half step. So a second half step would make a whole step. So from C to D is a whole step All right. So let's let's let's go over that one more time. So a half step is the first step up to the next note. OK. And a whole step is two steps up or two half steps on that note will be the whole step. All right. Please please please pay attention as I'm telling you this is like I'm telling you this is this divine information right here. I'm telling you once we get to the to the formalists you're going to get lost if you don't understand. So let's look at the what would be a whole step from E.. Well let's look at that. We go up a half step. No there's nothing right here so there has to be go to have staff member from your route. What this is this will be called a root note or notes you start with. OK so you go up one to cell from B to F sharp is a whole step from each It is a matter where you are on a keyboard. All you have to understand is that a half step is one half you know one step up to the next. No. And a whole step is 2 1/2 steps. All right. So if I'm on B flat here what's going to be a whole step. Me. So check this out. The was a whole step from the is going to be 2 1/2 steps 1 2 Step was a whole step from B is going to be to half steps and right here that's I asked that right here. That's the second half. A holster gammy So same day right here C-sharp. Or we could do it right here C-sharp. A half step will be the next no step will be two steps. BOEM BOEM All right so is that simple but is so easy to forget if you don't practice so your next assignment is to practice doing half steps and whole steps on all places on the keyboard.