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English [Auto] Let's learn how to make glitchy effects this is one of my favorite things to do and it's what you hear all the time when you're listening to electronic music electro dubstep and so on. So there's a few ways to do this and we're going to cover them in this video. First of all let's hear what this clip sounds like without any clear facts. So there's a few ways to do clutch effects. The first way if you have a sample is left click on it and go to the top. And here you can manually chop up your sample into different pieces. So what is done here is that splice it up to and what you can do is you can go around and move it around slice it up into different other sections. So maybe I'll take that. Move it over there. Maybe I'll take this piece and put it here. What's the other sounds. So that's one way or another way that is probably more common is using in effect. So what we can do is we can go into our mixer and we can add effects to everything. And one of the plugins that is really good that comes with our studio is grosbeaks. So that's not grosbeak does it go speak. So what it does is it has the ability to clear up the time as well as the volume. So if we were to just play with the time to. You can also play with the volume. It is also an option for side Cheney. So this is another way you can do side changing as. And you can combine them together. It's a bunch of presets as well. So that's grosbeak another one that I want to recommend is glitch by the blue and glitch is another great plugin that can do which is very quickly its first version is actually free. Now on line you can just Google it and download it for free. And there's also a second version which is fantastic. So definitely consider glitch if you're going to look for Cleage plugins. Begin have a specific sound and you can make it last as long as you like. So let's try the reverse. And it's habit for the whole clip. OK. You get the idea. Glitz can do some crazy things. Effect tricks Vectrex is another great paid Plug-In too. So if I were going to use the Gleacher fact how would I actually apply it. How would this be done. Well what you can do is you can find the glitch that you like and you can automate it using automation. So I'm going to automate it by turning it on a certain key point in the song. So I'm going to select a region that I want the glitches to occur. Let's say I want to automate the glitch right before the drop. So what I'll do is I will hold down control left click and drag on the timeline that will highlight the selection that I want. Then I will right click on my dry and wet so dries off. No effect. What is on full effect. So I'm going to turn it from off to on. At this point by right clicking and selecting creates automation clipped so that has created an automation click that the glitch will occur. Now one thing you have to realize is that when you're using automation is everything is extrapolated everything is going to be continued and both before and afterwards. So you will think that this line here and this key point is going to continue backwards. So it's kind of started the glitch right from the beginning and you probably don't want that. I'll show you what I mean if I were to play this even from here. The glitch will be occurring this is so the way to get around that is to make a copy. I like to take it to the beginning actually make it unique and then just turn it off. And now the glitch will only occur at this point as is. And you can see it's continuing afterwards so you need to remember to turn off the automation afterwards. Let's find another preset shall we. OK. I will make this one more time right here. And now let's hear how this song sounds now that we've added in some glitchy effects. So glitches are a great way to use for transitions and they're also really useful when you're trying to manipulate a single synth sound. If you're trying to make dubstep because it will just distort and make a mess out of everything and that's kind of what you want in dubstep sometimes. So these are a few ways that you can make good effects you can chop it up into individual pieces you can use a plugin such as effect tricks of glitch or the built in grosbeaks. So have fun with this. I know this is one of my favorite things to do when I'm making electronic music and go crazy.