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Create a professional logo motion using Motion v.2 Script

Motion v2 | Masterclass of Motion Graphics| Beginner to Advanced| After Effects 2019

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  • How to use all of Motion v2 Script
  • Create advanced Type Animation in 2D by this sctript
  • Create a professional logo motion using Motion v.2 script
English [Auto] In this part we're going to talk about work. This option has interesting functions. Make a new composition and name its work. Note that this option works only on shape layers and does not work on solid layers. Make a circle make your position key frame and 30 frames further. Take the circle to the right side and make another key frame. Select the key frames and give them an easy effect now click on the warp icon. This gives the shape and kind of liquid movement you can adjust this effect through. Effect controls panel. The first option is war time. That is the same as echo effect through effects and presets panel. The second one is its smooth that makes the effect smooth thin or thick. The third one can also adjust thinness and thickness of the effect to make it more interesting reduce the easy ease value and set it to 80 duplicate the layer and delete the effects of the layer. Now we have a ball with a long tail in order to mix these two layers more make an adjustment layer. And blur it by fast box blur and set its value to 15. Now give it a Mac choker effect adjust its values to have such an outcome to have a better outcome since the tail and shorten it by warp effect duplicate the layer the shouldn't change its position since we have already animated it so move it by its anchor point make it thinner drag the first layer up and adjust its length and thickness as you see in order to give it more details. Duplicate the upper tail said its echo time to 0 point 0 7 and its number of echoes to 1 by its smooth effect make it thinner to have a more exciting movement first changed the colour of the main layers label and go to the end of the animation remove the key frames and finally parent them to the main layer find the motion sketch panel and insert the ideal key frames for it we need to speed up the animation so select the layer press you select the key frames and by holding gold compress them. Now let's see the outcome that's fine. It's really takes a longer time if you want to do all this manually and frame by frame.