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Create a professional logo motion using Motion v.2 Script

Motion v2 | Masterclass of Motion Graphics| Beginner to Advanced| After Effects 2019

01:21:11 of on-demand video • Updated July 2019

  • How to use all of Motion v2 Script
  • Create advanced Type Animation in 2D by this sctript
  • Create a professional logo motion using Motion v.2 script
English [Auto] Hi there. In this section we want to make this logo motion with the use of motion to a script. Let me first fit this scene as you see. First of all our point comes in from outside and hits the M letter and the letter M because of this hits wriggles so our point has a liquid form of trace and as we mentioned in previous courses we can make it with the word and the last bounce of our point is a little higher than others you see the tail of the point changes at this moment. But don't worry because I'm going to teach you how to make it with a quick move illuminates the letters then again goes to its place. So let's do it first. We go to the logo composition. This project is attached the file of this part. This is our logo that we have to animated. First of all we have to create our points by letter duplicate the AU layer and then put it above all the other layers. So name it dot with the pen tool and double click on one point of its path. We can select all of its points and with control and shift and dragging scale it down. We have to put it in its own position in order that to see if its scale is okay or not. So the position and the scale must be set. So I think it's OK. And we have to name and rearrange the other layers. So in this part we have no important issues so I pass this part a little faster. So first things first. Then we go straight ahead to our point. They use this script motion to to set its anchor points in middle of it we can put it in such position we press P to appear its position properties for the position we have to create the key frame and we go further. Ten frames with the shift and down key drag it down and put it exactly in the surface of letter M for making such an animation the anchor points must be our down layer. So we go to the script and take it to the underneath layer. So we go further 15 frames we put our point on 0 letter so you can see that after effect automatically soften that motion path and we don't want this. So we connect on position properties to select all frames we right click on one of them and choose the key frame interpolation in here we have to put the second option on linear move and press OK so it's done this time. We go 14 frames further. We put the point on t again 13 frames ahead and then putting the point on I later. And again twelfth frame and put it on all later scenes in this part. We have to have higher bounds. We need more time and again here 15 frames and then sit the position of the point. So now it's time to rearrange the jumps. We separate the position in order to have more control. Now drag the point up here we just need the key frame of Y position and there is no need to exposition so we deleted set the key frame that the point is in the middle of Asia to 18 Easy easy. The same key frame must be copied between the next two key frames. Here are the jumps. Must be a little lower so again between two next key frame. We copy the wiki frame and lowering display though. Also I have to repeat this process between I and O so let's see a preview. So the last jump must be slow. The first key frame of our jumps must be here. We have to move our first key frame to here. Copy that. Copy that and then paste it we can even move it higher. So now it's time to either squash and stretch do it for making it appear more real. So we go one frame before the crash and with pressing shift s we can make scale visible. First we have to disable its large dimension. Also we put the value of X on 70 and y value on one hundred and three so when it crashes these values will be inverse. Next position is when the ball in the highest position and in this level this game must be at 100 by 100 also when it comes down and hits the ground and it speeds up again you have to copy and paste this through ASCII frame. And we do this until the last frame. And the last hit in the last key frame our point must not be deformed and the scale on 100 hundred by 100 hundred here after the last hit the ball must be squash and stretch and we can do this by the exciting command just in order to our site doesn't have any effect on our previous key frames. We have to make all of the values key frames and get back one frame and then all to zero we can also see our key frames in the timeline in this place. Our ball must continue its movement so we have to go some frames forward and the value of x position must be increased until it got to the edge of any letter so thanks for joining us up here and we are going to continue the job in the next clip.