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  • Create a professional logo motion using Motion v.2 script
English [Auto] In these parts we are going to teach you how to work with motion to script. Why. Because motion to a script can help us make smooth and complicated animations. There are some animations that can be made by motion to script more easily instead of making them manually. Now make a new composition if you have already install this script you can find it here in window tab. OK now I make a circle here if you want to have the anchor point of the shapes in the middle of them when making them. You have to go through forensic setting so go to edit tab click on preferences and select general and check center anchor point in new shape. Layer here we have a circle that needs to be smaller. Now we want animated. Let's have three copies of it. Do it with control D. Select all of the four circles and press p on your keyboard to uncheck their positions to be able to make key frame activate the chronometer and next to them and after 50 frames drag each of the circles to the right side of the scene. Let's reorder the layers. This is the first this is the second. This is the third and this is the last one. The first movie is a linear move. Take the key frames a bit forward to see this bear when you go to graph view. You see the animation is shown like this lets me uncheck show expression Ed.. Linear means just in a moment. The shape would speed up from 0 to 500 pixels and suddenly become zero again. The second movies like me size move that the shape speeds up gradually from slow to fast. When missile option is clicked on and its value is zero. Key frames will have a status called busier continuous. That's how we'll talk about it more afterwards if you assign the value of zero for the second option. Key frames will become linear which is default status of the software. The third option is anchor. When you assign the value of zero for it as you see the key frames become square like that we call it toggle hold. In this is status there will not be interpolation between two key frames and the object will move to the new position on lean a single frame. This help you very much in a stop motion style. For example when you want an even thicker every 20 frames you can get use of this option. But if you assign another values for it the two key frames become sand glass like that we call it easy ease as much as you increase the value assigned for it. The compression of the point seen the beginning of the move would increase when the value becomes a. The outermost compression will be for the beginning of the move and the minimum of the compression would be at the end of the move. It means we will have a very slow start and a very quick ending. The second option is called Easy easy reach divides the compression equally between the two key frames and the maximum speed would be in the middle of them the last option is anchor in which the maximum compression is for the end of the move. That means the closer the object gets to the end the slower its move will become as you seen all options objects start moving in a single frame and stop it in another frame. But the kind of movement is different because they're a speed in each frame is different. The first circle has a linear move the second one has an easy out move the third one has an easy easy move and the last one has an easy move by a script motion we can have multiple changes and even after animating the objects we can move their anchor points. If you move an object anchor point manually with Pan behind anchor point to special the after animating it. This makes a new key frame. Of course you can also move anchor points by changing their values in the manual way of moving an anchor point the value of it and the value of its position would change that makes a key phrase in the second way by changing the value of an anchor point. We will not make a key frame what's the position of the layer will change. We have also another way of moving the position of an anchor point by Pan behind anchor point tool without making the new chief frame. As we said this tool can change both of positions value an anchor point in order to make it affect only on the anchor point by pressing old on your keyboard move the anchor point. But the special function of motion to script is that it would not change the animation and does not move the layer since even by moving an anchor point while holding out. You need to adjust the position of the layer. Another special function of this script is that you can change the anchor points of several layers at the same time without changing the animation.