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Create a professional logo motion using Motion v.2 Script

Motion v2 | Masterclass of Motion Graphics| Beginner to Advanced| After Effects 2019

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  • How to use all of Motion v2 Script
  • Create advanced Type Animation in 2D by this sctript
  • Create a professional logo motion using Motion v.2 script
English [Auto] The next option is best when you use this option such an effect is created. This option is used in such motions. Look at this thermal meter. These tiny circles that come out of the thermal meter are made by burst these lines are also made by this tool. We usually create these details by burst tool. Of course some of them not all of them. Let me show an other example you see these shapes have also been created by birth to these tiny shapes that radiate from the question and exclamation marks can make the animation more interesting. Okay let continue. You can define its position in this scene it's no it's the radiation angle and you can also adjust its offset type. Boy this option you can adjust distance from center by this one you can link width to hate. By this you can turn the shapes into circles and if you reduce their roundness value they turn into a squares. You can also define it what color they are shown or activate or inactivate stroke and feel and so on. Of course nowadays you do not have to make these effects by yourself. Since there are many premade beautiful packages in the Internet that you can use to add berries to your objects I have a collection of them here for example. These are energy effects. This one is fire. Package this is a smoke and these are spark effects. The most professional one is superset that is combination of different effects. These are some of the examples that are mixed with these footages. This is another collection and this part contains the previews of all of the footages in the package. This package contains transition and you can use them to make such animations that you can see. That's why I said You don't need to make birth the facts by yourself.