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English All right so let's create some of our own tab stops here. So a couple of things. One I've got the number 10 word tabs document open in front of me again make sure you download this and follow along with me. It's part of the previous lecture and two. Let's make sure that the ruler is turned on. And as a reminder I went to view top of my screen view and I activated the ruler Alright I'm going to scroll down and read the document I'm going to get to this section called Try it below. This is where I'm going to have you do a little bit of practice. So first off let's recreate that contact list that's just directly up above. So I'm just going to type in contact here contact lists and make it look the same contact list that my Enter key I'll drop down a line maybe I'll want to format that'll just make it bold control B being your bold shortcut key and now I want to start creating these two columns name and email and put in my entries. Maybe I'll add a third column just to mix it up. Do like position or department or whatever we want to put over there. Alright so first one I'm going to put name in there I'll go ahead and type in name now. If I hit my tab key right now this is just default behavior instead of a Microsoft Word document. I tap tab. It only moves me just a little bit. Let me actually turn on if I go to my home tab and activate the paragraph markers or the formatting markers. You can see I hit my tab key it's got that little arrow in there but you'll notice up here there's a lot more space in between those tabs that I used here default behavior inside of a Word document the tab key just wants to move you half an inch. Well I want to go much further than that. So let me delete that tab I'll backspace back out. Now with my ruler active on the far left I see my current tab stop or the specific type of tab stop that I'm currently going to use. This is called a left align tab stop. Now I'm going to leave it just that that for right now but just know that there are a handful of different types of tab stops and they really deal with the alignments. But for now we're going to use a left align tab stop. I'm going to go ahead move over to the two inch marker of my ruler and I'll click once just a normal left click and that places my tab stop. I've now got that little L denoting the left-aligned tab stop. So now I come back down where I got name at. I'll tap my tab key once that hops me all the way over to that 2 inch marker and I could put in e-mail. Now if I hit my tab key again it's now back to just that little half inch marker to the closest inch or half inch marker inside the ruler. Now I want to be able to move all the way over let's say I want to move all the way over to the four inch or it's a four and a half inch. So let me backspace that back out again I got my left aligned selected I'll go to the four and a half inch mark I'll click once and I'll place that left aligned tab stop again tap my tab key and let's put position in here. There you go I've got my two tab stops one at the two inch mark and one of the four and a half inch mark. And each time I hit my tab key depending on where I'm at within the ruler it will jump me to the appropriate spot. Now let's continue this list. I hit my Enter key drop down a line. Let's put somebody in there. I'm going to repeat the same. I'll say Joe tab jumps me over to the e-mails. Here's Joe. at center dot com hit my tab key again. Joe is in the center position at my Enter key and I can keep going with this list inserting all of these individuals into my contact list. And now I've got this nice clean layout right consistency. Hit my tab key jumps me over to the two inch my tab key again jumps me to the four and a half inch. Now if you've ever created a list like this and used your spacebar or multiple tabs you could maybe get something like this but this can take a lot of work and you're going to get inconsistency in how many spaces or how many tabs you're pressing to get to a specific spot here. I know I hit once it gets me to the two inch. I hit it again. Gets me to the four and a half inch. Nice and clean. So try this out. Keep going with the list. Add some additional individuals in there maybe add another tab stop. Do email name position and do age whatever you want to do in there. Try something out. Get a feel for working with the ruler and the left align tab stop.