DATEADD() Function

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English [Auto] Welcome back to the last year that we are into intelligence functions built to do the you do and MDD. So in this particular one you're going to be looking at another very magical intelligence functions which is bird. And so I am really very very impressed with this particular measure because it generally helps in analyzing our birth. This particular measure sir. Let's show it. Let's see how this really works. So I really are just another table here. I would add that and my son is just like last time right now. What do you is. Let me just create a new measure and to show her how this thing works search first I. I want to see my last ears tails. All right for the last year says now I would be very glad we cleared and my expression says right or wrong. I want to find out if my last teacher using that. So there's another very easy function the same period last year for this. But in this I can show you how to use it and do it. And for the Fed finding out our last year seems to use you might say here in the calculator. Now I will add the Dunant in this I will add let me do this all the book. OK. So what can you do. As it moves on a given set of this specific interval this interval is set by us only Sterle you have to do this. So I will just add my column here. Now when I ask me how many times timetabled I have to do it. So I want to find last year same so I have to move it minus one times. And what I was writing this last year saying that these are your type and that's all I have to do. I just click and the. Now I will be able to find out Masterson's bad you go. So as you can see on January 1st 2011 you're destroying ten different titles in seven seven get through just my January 1st 2010 sales circle on it girls for February March and so on. So it's not very easy matter to find last year say so right. I really like this particular date as a measure because it can really help. It helps us to see our sales are done not only for last year but for even for last quarter or last month or even last to get that. This is anybody. So this is where you did from last year. Now I want to clear through the last two years. All I have to do is let me create another measure. I met last two years is using bedquilt. I will add my Seussical and I and I did add function and I did so. Now I want to find last two ears of sales so my number doesn't even change my notes so it really because backed sales that I want to find and I add here that's all. So this I can not find my last two years of sales. So you can see it in 2012. I'm able to see my two dozen Benn's data THIRTY-NINE able to get my last two years of sale. So this is really that magical. So now we have created the last bullets are still very easy. We can just make this also clear for our last quarter or last month's data. So this is really very very handy when we want to do some last year comparisons last month or last quarter better than in our data. So I feel I want to add another measure of let's see. Last one quackers so smashed one quarter six. All right. So everything was the same on every one business. I just want my last quarters in he said have move here you can see it in the brew. It is giving us beer month quarter. So you can select any of these. I want to find my last practice quarter and click and Del and when I put this in the table I can see my last quarter. So in destroying my last quarter's data just these three for January then this is from me a minute is from February. So how impressively this thing is you can see very easily just by putting this particular formula. All I have to do is change my intervals and what I want to find out is that a quarter each month. I mean even one day before. So it's really very very handy tool. Anytime intelligence we want when we want to compare our data. So I would suggest to try this function and if you have got any kind of problem just simply put up in that section and I would be very happy to help you out. Just keep doing this particular declaration because this really comes up every time you and your scientists in your need because in any kind of profession or business analysis there are times when you have to compare some previous values. This is a very handy formula. That's it for this to do. And we meeting the next 20 10-Q.