So... What can you do with OneNote?

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  • You'll gain confidence navigating the OneNote interface
  • How to enter notes notes, and then change formatting, alignments, and grouping
  • How to create handwritten notes using a pen or your finger
  • How to insert pictures and screen clips into notes
  • Secure your Notebooks with password protection
  • Use audio and video to record a lecture or take a voice memo
  • Organize notes, pages, and sections, and find content in your Notebook
  • Use notes that link to external data sources like Word, Excel, or Outlook
  • Use OneNote a research tool to discover more information about a note
  • Dozens of time-saving secrets, tips, and tricks from power users
English [Auto] So what else can you do with one note. Anyway Well I'm glad you asked. If you take notes on projects meetings or classes using pen and paper or using a word document or Word Pad or the text tool that I'm here to tell you that one note may just change your life with one note. You can create multiple notebooks or multiple sections as I mentioned earlier. Plus you can easily change your mind about how many sections and how many pages are needed or how many notebooks are needed and you can move stuff around easily something that's a lot harder to do if you're using something like Word or text in it. You can also easily flag and find notes later on. So it's easy to never lose a note again. One more. OK. How about using handwriting or using audio and video or screen and web clippings. Or you can even embed entire office files like Excel spreadsheets or the aforementioned Word document. You can even find text that you clipped in an image. Thanks to one notes OCR which stands for optical character recognition. And you can easily share notes so multiple people can review or contribute to the same notebook. Not quite as easy to do from Word and impossible if you're using a pen and paper method of taking notes. So who can benefit. Well students of course who are in multiple classes were engineers or paralegals or developers or biologists or authors or lawyers researchers teachers marketing professionals journalists you get the idea and now you also have a pretty good preview of what's to come.