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Explains the Objective Domain for the exam, and why it is so important that you are familiar with it and use it to monitor your progress in the course.

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English [Auto] Microsoft are very good at telling potential exam candidates what would be included in their exams. They call this the objective domain. There is one for every product. They provide certification in and it's really important that you understand and become familiar with the objective domain for core Excel so that you can track your progress towards gaining the required skill in each element of that domain. I've included a PDA file with this lecture which lists all of the techniques included in 77 77 exam objective domain before you start reviewing the lectures for the course you should print down this document and have to hand for reference as you go through the course. This has been important so pauses video and printed out before continuing looking at the PDA which accompanies this lecture you can see their objective the main one is called create and manage worksheets and workbooks. Then this is split up into subcategories from one point one create worksheets and workbooks to one point five configure worksheets and workbooks for distribution. Then we have the next major element in the domain which is no to manage data cells and ranges. There are five principal elements to the objective the main four core excel in this course we go through each one in detail at the end of each subcategory for example one point one one point two etc.. There is a specific set of exercises which represent a type of question you be asked in the exam. These are key to your preparation for the exam and you need to pay special attention to them I've structured the course so that all of the objective domain points are covered in detail because some of you will be starting from scratch with Excel. I've also included some overview lectures at the start of each section which I'll introduce you to the Excel User Interface and the most important functionality which that section of the domain covers. Of course if you're already familiar with Excel then you can go straight to the objective domain lectures and test yourself to see whether you already have the required skills. Remember that this course is geared to get you through the search vacation exam and that's my complete focus. In the course Microsoft are very specific in this and the skills you require to pass the tests. The pass mark is 70 percent so it's quite high and really does require that you've mastered the listed objectives. The good news is that you know what it is you have to learn to pass. So there's really no reason to fail. Remember to print out the objective domain PDA which accompanies this lecture and as you go through the course you should note each one that you've mastered in the next lecture. We're going to explore what the exam looks like in practice. I've included dyslexia so that you'll be familiar with how the exam was conducted before you scissors. You should also revisit it when you're ready to sit the exam.