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There are lots of new features in Excel 2016. Among them are 3D Maps, 1-Click Forecasting, Share and Get and Transform. In this lecture I'll show you where to find each one and what it does. Later in the course I'll go into more detail with a few of the more important and interesting new features.

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English [Auto] OK in this lecture we're going to be talking about new features for Excel 2016. There's quite a handful of them and some of them are really fun. So I want to show you briefly how a couple of them work and then I'm going to go into more depth with a few of them in other parts of this course. So the first thing I'll show you is what's called smart look up. If we take a simple word like the word world and we right click on it we get this option called smart look up if we left click on smart look up or to the right here. It will actually open up new pain and it will search the internet and bring you back results from the internet so you can see we have a simple map. We have a definition of it. We have a Wikipedia entry. More images and so on. And it's always been my opinion that this is much more valuable in Word where you're actually doing more research based things. But it's so awesome to have it here in Excel where you can just explore right here within the Excel window. Another new feature is the get and transform tab here and this section here allows you to manage how you bring information such as spreadsheets or databases into your Excel to work on them. So the way you use that is you just go to a new query and then for example you can go to from file. And I'm just going to go grab some data from this workbook so I can just select the document I want and I just want to grab the sheet one. So this shows the documents available. In this case there's only one and then it gives you the option to select individual sheets. So I'm going to click sheet one that shows me a preview of what's on that worksheet and then I can click load and you can see that it pops it into my workbook under a new worksheet and apply some basic formatting to it. And you also have another pane here that shows your recent queries and some details about that query. So we can go back to the data tab. We can turn the queries pane off or we can turn it back on. Or you can see your recent sources which just shows where you've done a recent query. So that's the get and transform feature and then we have ink equation. And if you go to the Insert tab and then way down to the right here we have equation you click to drop down it gives you the options to insert popular equations but you can also go down here where it says any equation at the bottom click that and you can write in your own equation. So if I want to do the area of a circle say A equals and I'm doing this with the mouse by the way. Oops I was going to say pi squared. I need to change that so we go back to erase rewrite. So a equals pi are squared. And then you can see it translates it into text for you. You click insert and it will allow you to drop it right into your page. So that's a cool one in equations. We also have a share button which is right here in the upper right hand corner and you just click on that and it brings up a shared pain. And you can save your file to an online location on the cloud and then you can include people who you want to share the document with and you can even change whether they can edit or view the document. And then you click share. Now we're going to look at a couple of new features which I've created entire lectures about. So I'm going to cover these really briefly. But one of them is the tell me what you want to do. Button it's basically the new help function for Excel 2016. But it also does have some fine options where it will just give you suggestions of how to get things done. So I'll look into that one in some more detail later. There are six new chart types. If we go to recommended charts go to our charts we can see these new charts here. We have a tree map a sunburst a histogram hiding back in behind the histogram is a parade or chart box and whisker chart and a waterfall tower and we'll go into the uses of those a bit more in a separate lecture. We have a really neat one called one click forecasting which is just a button on the data sheet where you click. Forecast sheet and it will create a forecast of your existing time related data. So this will be the existing data and this is the forecasted data. So that's a really fun to use and I'll go into more detail on how to do that. In another lecture. And then finally we have the 3-D maps feature which will also go into in more detail in another lecture. That's a really fun feature found right here on the Insert tab and just click on that button and it gives you these tours that you can create and I'll show you how to create one of these 3D tours that maps out data on an actual map Moville clickable movable map. So those are some of the exciting new features for Excel 2016.