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Step by step instructions on how to download and install SQL Server Express 2014.

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English [Auto] OK in this lesson we're going to go ahead and download and install Microsoft sequel server 2014 Express so I went ahead and googled the page here so go ahead and go to that page and we'll download sequel server 2014 Express. Now one of the things you need to be careful of is downloading Naches sequel express but along with the tools as well if you don't if you just download sequel server express without the management tools you'll have to download the management tools later separately which is which is kind of a pain. So so I'm going to go ahead and select Express and tools the 64 bit version of that and select next and it's going to go ahead and Kickoff that download and it's about 800 megabytes So it's going to take just a few minutes to download that. So once that's downloaded we'll go ahead and run through the rest of the install. All right. Download is completed and now I'm going to go ahead and launch our downloaded file. And right away my Microsoft Windows complains with its typical security warning so I'm going to say OK I'll let it go ahead and it will impact the files and then it'll kick off the installation script. Once the installation starts it'll go through and ask a number of different options along the way. We'll probably take most of the default settings along the way but there are a couple that I like to change that make it a little bit easier for a development environment. So the first one that comes up asks whether we're going to do an upgrade of an existing installation or we're going to do a new standalone installation so I'm going to go ahead and select new standalone installation and the next screen the last to accept the terms and conditions and go ahead and do that and move on to the next screen. Soon the next step is going to check for system compatibility and see if it finds any issues. Now one of the things you'll notice here then is that the features that you want to install and I like to go ahead and take the default of those. But if you haven't downloaded the correct version you won't see the management tools. And it's it's really kind of a pain to download and install them later so you will see that they're here saw it go ahead and take the default settings so that also the next screen will ask for an instance name unless you're on a network or corporate network or something like that. I would go ahead and take the defaults of these as well. I've noticed in Visual Studio some of the settings it likes to look for the default name if you're developing a sequel or express or I recommend just leaving this alone unless you have a specific reason not to change that. The next asked for the account names and settings. I go ahead and take the default. And in that case as well it's like next. This is one saying I do like to change the authentication mode. I usually select a mixed mode of indication so that you can get in with windows authentication as an administrator and also with sequel authentication as Administrator account as well. So when you do this it's going to ask for a an additional password and it's just a little easier. In case you happen to get locked out of the server from windows authentication that you have a way to get in with sequela an occasion as well. So I set both those passwords and hopefully I type them both which I it didn't complain. Well move on to the next step and it'll run through the rest of the base installation here so this will take a few minutes probably 10 or 15 minutes depending on the speed of your computer to run through. And then once that is completed really our installation is complete. And the next lesson I'll take you through how to start up the management console how to run through some basic operations using the management console how to create a database create some tables some fields in the tables put some data in the tables and also run through kind of a backup and restore operation of the hello world equivalent for databases that will show you basically how to get started with this tool. So the backup and restore operation is very critical. It's probably the that's why I included in the first lesson that's what you need to know right away is how when you're particularly when you're working on software and you have the chance to really corrupt the database it's it's critical to know how to back the database up and restore it to a new configuration. So a kind of a lesson learned the hard way if you don't know how to do that because you know a lot of refire are developing codes so we'll go ahead and let this run and finish up. All right. Well that really completes the installation process. And I'll go ahead and close down the window here and also close out this window as well so that really completes the installation. And if you want to know that your installation has been successful you should be able to go under the sequel server window and the program start menu and launch the sequel server 2014 management studio. So it may take a few minutes the first time you set this up but if we use Windows authentication and connect here we go. So we're not connected to the database and our installation is complete. So then the next section I'll take you through the basic tour the management console and how to create a database. So I'll see you in the next lesson. Thanks so much.