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In this lesson I will describe some of the features offered by Visual Studio online and how those features are useful to a software development team.

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  • How to collaborate with a team of developers using Visual Studio Online.
English [Auto] In this lesson I'll be describing Visual Studio online. I'll be describing the features of the system the versions that are available and describe the demonstration I'll be doing later in this section of the class Visual Studio online is based on team foundation server or DFS. The online version is essentially a cloud based version of the product. It allows for a team of developers to collaborate on a software development project. The system offers features such as source code control for check in and check out tracking changes in code and labeling versions of the software. In addition the system also features work in tracking for tracking things such as requirements bugs and task for team members to complete and also issues associated with the project. Visual Studio online also supports build automation load testing tools in combat inboards for software development planning. This system also offers many canned reports that can help team members track the progress of the project. In fact there are so many features of this system it really could be a horse all by itself. The system is offered in several subscription models. The first edition is the basic edition which is $20 a month. Next edition up as the professional edition which is $45 a month the advanced edition is $60 a month and contains all the features. The next edition is for MSDE subscribers and there's no charge for amnesty and subscribers to use the system. The last edition is the stakeholders edition which is the free edition and the edition that we'll be using in this class the stakeholders edition includes the capability to have five free users on this system. So it's perfect for a small startup developer team. There's no limitation on the number of projects you can put in the system. In addition if you'd like to include MSD and subscribers to the team there's no charge for them to use the system. The system provides private code repositories for each each of the projects he created in the cloud and can be individually managed. Pre-work I am tracking is provided for all users. In addition the project in code management tools 60 minutes per month is included for free. Build processing as well as 20000 virtual users per month for load testing. This is a pretty good deal for a free development environment and our demonstration in this section will demonstrate how to sign up for an account with Visual Studio online and set up a team project. In addition I'll show you how to move our code from our hello world program to our online code repository. Also demonstrate a simple check in and check out process. In this lesson I've given you a brief overview of Visual Studio online and some of the features it offers in the next list and I'll show you how to sign up for an account and get started. So I'll see you in the next lesson. Thanks a lot.