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Storage service : BLOB

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Hi friends. Welcome back. My soul friend show us to your course instructor here and this lecture you are going to learn about blog stories on Microsoft as your cloud computing platform. Hey we're going to learn about it and also find suitable scenarios and they use cases where you can use this blaster services and we were going to also perform the actual deployment in a practical session later on this series. So the dog whisperer any time. Let's start as your blob storage. It is and Microsoft object storage is solution for the cloud. This belongs to it. It is very optimized for storing massive amounts of data especially unstructured data. Unstructured data means it can be a tax. It can view images videos any binary data also so you can use this blaster services in your user client applications via using a strictly PSP peers from anywhere in the voice. It means you can order things which are going to store inside this box Jewish. You can access it anytime at anywhere. And this objects in the blog stories is accessible via your as your store address API your as your power shell your as your CLIA come online to face all you can use as your storage client library or so many more options there like you can also use or you can also have access. This blows true at using your as your reporter very simple manner so these are some important things where you can use your props Reuters like you can use it for serving images or documents directly to a browser storing a files folders distributed access you can use it for streaming your videos and audio live or you can write a log fire destroying your data for backup and that it at the time of data recovery or data loss. This kind of storage is very helpful. It also a help win for data analysis for your on provides data or as your conscious services there are different stories dear options are available on this as your blog stories like it can be hard. Cool archive or prevent storage is this for having a different features life of premenstrual Rogers are for storing your performance sensitive data which is very sensitive. You have to have if you want to have store your sensitive data in your block then you can opt this prevent storage. It causes high among all this storage year but it will protect your sensitive data. Then if you're using your data very frequently then you have to opt hot storage tier. If you're accessing is infrequent then you will go for cool and it is if it is rarely accessed then you will for archive. So these are different stories two years which are of Level 4 0 plop services. So it makes it cost effective storage is I can be a scalable also. And the most important thing is that you have to pay for what which you use for pay as you go model. It supports this as a more advantages of as your blog services lack strong consistency object mutability multiple blog types. If you do use the euro currency it is a strong insurgency because when an object is change it's verified everywhere for superior data integrity so it makes it a strong constituency. Then comes object mutability to get the flexibility to perform it in the places to improve your application performance and also reduces the bandwidth consumption. Then this will feature comes in your blob services. Similarly multiple blob types and easy to use is your dreaded NC my infrastructure of our y axis and the benefits of cloud storage services and data culture. It means that you can store any unstructured data as discussed. You can include it you can store images videos audios documents and backups anything you can store into it. So this is a basic structure blob. Okay. You build a core storage account then you have to create a container and storage account then you're going to have a blob inside the container. Okay so as I discussed storage account a container and destroys account a blog in a container. So here as an example Sally's in storage account name here inside destroy account we are created to containers pictures and the movies and container. We are going to store the blob this blob is an object. We're going to store your images videos and any other things. So here in case in picture container we have storing the images within the movies container we're going to store a movie of video file into it. Okay so let me discuss in more determined that what destroy the account destroy account is to provide a unique names basis and as your file your data means if you're going to create your street account you are required to assign a unique name for that because it will be for global work so your data will be uniquely defined using the storage account. Okay so the combination of account name and destroys storage as users blob and point forms the base addresses for your object for your storage account. As I discussed the access to year then comes containers this container organize a set of blocks similar to a directory in a file system means in a file system. They will do different creates a container which will look like that only and this like Featherstone in a directory. We keep our images we keep our video files documents anything. Similarly containers is like that green only here and candy and container. We're going to store a blow we're probably going to store images videos documents and any other flights. Then comes blobs. There are three types of blobs like blob blobs append blobs. And the page plops this block blobs straws a text and the binary data up to four point seventy B. This blog blobs are made up of four blocks of data that can you manage individually. Then comes another type of blob so services that is append blobs. It looks like a blob blobs but it is more optimized because it having a apparent append operations as the name suggests. Then comes a big blob we're going to use for destroying that random access files up to 80 witnesses. Okay then you can use this is it copy method. It is actually command line tool for windows and in export. They are going to copy your data to and from your blob storage to your from local to block storage. Okay. For this I'm going to also demonstrate how you can use is it copy then comes as the destroys data when I release for more data to plop. Then comes as your data factory. These are three options where you're going to move your data into a blob. OK let's blow fuses and a virtual file system grabber for as you block steroids. You can use this blow fields to access your existing block blob data into your story account using your Linux file system. Then comes as your data box disk is the end of the services for transferring on premises data and to block stories. Then comes as your import export services. It is another matter to move your data into a blob. It's having a massive amount of data. If you're having a massive and then you go for this type of services import and export services. So this is how blow up look likes a structure Australian community there. The continued with their blog will be there and the pages and blog how it looks so as as you can see there. You are present. This your unspecified object for that broken blob. So this account will be there in the first section then blocked out cold or windows or net income the container name and your block name how it looked like the base you had before your objects. This is a simple example as you can see here. I'm going to draw the images in Australia lol. Ok. As I told you would have required that you destroyed account and content and strip. I hope you understand how you can going to store this image into your stores below. Then you can use this to explore using your even drained even engraved. You can like it and even take place. Then you will going to use destroyed lol. Okay let's take it in reverse direction okay. Like here for leggings that instance like here is an application which is totally based on computer with an API and it having a function as services. This function is an author as your services fast so you're going to happen like. There would be an option where I'm going to select any option through the application. This function will go into trigger and this function. The trigger function will going to raise event and this event will going to happen. It will the to destroy blob and the image will be there the means if you want to analyze any images for your cognitive services then this is the path for that if you want to have an outlook email application then this is another part and this is another part that you can use the verb hook. So this is different scenarios that how you can use jaws blob. Okay so in this slide I have given the intro of the Blob story services which is a very massively use services and I'm also going to have a many practical demonstration on this. As the user services like I'm going to upload the images using your as UCLA and after uploading the image we are going to download that image from that as your blob into our local system and then I'm going to also use delete option using that as UCLA. If I'm talking about as useless it doesn't mean that you can have optional for as UCLA. You can also use Windows portion. Also you can have different options to use this block services. As I told you before that they will be as UCLA as your power show. You have windows and bombshell. Oh you can also use you as your portrait. A very simple manner. Then I want to also give a practical demonstration for the color you can create your fap application there. I'm going to upload an image through my website and this image will going to store into a blob. So this is the whole process. I'm going to show you in my back to go section and the most important thing is that this blob is very commonly services. You must know how you can use this block services how you can access this block services so that you can integrate into different services offers you so data deep. And this is of this as you said so services because it is mostly use other than your services like files your tables. It is mostly used so I hope you understand it or the importance of this blockbuster services. So for now keep learning and keep moving ahead.