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You've done the work and now it's time to meet Spirit. 

Practice this guided visualization to learn how to Connect and feel Spirit in your awareness. 

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  • Understand how Spirit Connects
  • Learn the basic fundamentals of Mediumship
  • Learn what it means to be a medium
  • Learn signs from Spirit
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English [Auto] Write Welcome welcome to the first video of this mediumship mini course series so let's dive in and talk a little bit about the basics of mediumship. What it is and what is important. When you are doing any type of spiritual work. So first off I am a practicing medium. I work mainly with branchial mediumship in the sense that I work with clients to connect with loved ones who have crossed over and I bring forth details about how that individual passed the way that they lived their life when they're here. And you know different memories as well as just key indicators that this is definitely the client's loved one. So that's evidential mediumship that's the style of mediumship that you might be familiar with a little bit based on television or if you've ever seen a practicing medium you might be familiar with this way of communicating. There are several different styles of mediumship as you know there is channeling mediumship there's trance mediumship angelic and demonic mediumship. And then and then there's the evidential mediumship for the purpose of this course I am focusing mostly on kind of evidential mediumship as well as sort of channeling mediumship and the sense of connecting with a spirit guide or connecting with the loved one. So what is mediumship exactly. Mediumship is the idea that we are all the storm that we are all you know divine intelligence being expressed in a human form for a little while. So one of my favorite quotes that I absolutely resonate with so much as a light worker is we are spiritual beings having a human experience for a little while. And I truly believe that I truly believe that we are literally just energy expressed in a physical form. And so when we pass when we transition when we cross over to the other side to the spirit world we still retain that intelligence. We are still energy we are still a soul and with that being said mediums are this conduit of energy. They are literally the medium. They are able to meet our world in the physical world that we live in with the esoteric world the spiritual world. So they're able to kind of walk between these two worlds constantly. And that is basically the very you know intro to what mediumship is is you are simply just communicating with divine intelligence and you're using your psychic gifts you're using your intuitive gifts through clairvoyance to clear sentience through your emotions through telepathic communication to communicate with these spirits. These spirit guides these loved ones of ours. And we asked we often will get common signs that a mediumistic phenomena has occurred. So I will dive into those signs in the next video. But I just want to give you a basic introduction to what mediumship is and why we would explore mediumship. And one of the biggest reasons why we would explore mediumship is to show that life after death still continues. Our souls continue to still exist as well as to maybe access some divine wisdom to get healing from grief or loss. You just may feel called to explore this work and so there are many reasons personally as well as spiritually as to why we would want to explore mediumship and really understand this beautiful world. So I really hope that you enjoy the series of videos and I love for your feedback so just definitely let me know how you found this video was it helpful for you and just you know feel free to share what you found that was unique. Thank you so much. No mistake. Write welcome welcome to the second video of this awesome mediumship mini series course. So we talked about what mediumship is and gave you a very general understanding of working with spirit. What that means and how we are divine intelligence expressed in human form for just a little while. So when we pass we just return back to our homes. So as we practice mediumship and you know maybe we're practicing for the purpose of finding divine wisdom maybe we're practicing for exploration maybe we just feel called to do it. Whatever your reasons are for taking this course for you know feeling drawn to working with spirit just honored that feeling and be open to where it will take you. That's the only thing I could really suggest to you is just be to honor your feelings and be open to the experience. OK. So common signs of mediumship. Very very common signs. I've noticed that will happen quite often with a budding medium as well as a very experienced medium to someone who has no you know any experience at all with mediumship. This is these are some of the common signs. So the first sign usually that happens is dreaming mediumship. So you'll have a very deep vivid dream or visitation of your loved one who's passed or you may feel like there's a spirit guide near you who is working with you. And so that is called Dreaming mediumship in which you receive a visitation that feels so real it feels as if you are literally physically there. And that's when you know for sure that spirit has come and that with you that's a pretty phenomenal sign. And I definitely would honor that if you've ever had that. You know that's amazing gift to have from the spirit world. So that's one of the first signs I've noticed. The second sign that is common with mediumship is reoccurring signs or symbols in your environment. So some of my clients will tell me that they see you know certain symbols in their environment that makes them think of their loved one. Not that they're searching for that sign or that symbol but they're just drawn to it. So it could be a number sequence like let's say you know their favorite number or the anniversary when they passed or their birthday that shows up a lot as a time. It could be as well as like colors or words that pop out or a logo. These little symbols are cues that spirit is around influencing you to look in that direction to be aware of that and they're just sort of saying hey you know it's kind of like their caller ID that's their calling card to you is letting you know that they're around through the use of influence of symbols and signs in your environment. The third sign that I've noticed is very common is the use of smells. So if you're ever working with spirit if you've ever felt a loved one around or you meditated and felt like you're connecting with someone you may get this sense of smell around you. So it could be perfume it could be a cologne it could be you know some type of fragrance outside could be smell food maybe cigarettes have been used to smoke these signs of scent of smell may indicate something about their personality their hobbies what they like to wear what they were interested in. And so if you are connecting with a loved one in meditation or you're connecting with a guide in meditation or if you're just doing your daily routine like washing the dishes and you suddenly get the smell of your grandmother's favorite perfume that might be a sign that she's around saying hi to you and sending her love. So that's a pretty clear indication it's not necessarily that it's physically present but it feels as if it is there. So these are all these signs usually feel as if they're happening as if they are real but not necessarily that they are physically there. And then the next sign is electric phenomenon. So this is pretty interesting. People tell me that the lights will flicker whenever there's a loved one around that you know their phones will start acting out there might be glitches in their technology. The page might freeze on a particular thing regarding like a message their loved one might be sending them. And in so much more so if you've ever experienced any type of electric phenomena whether it's with your lights with your TV with your cell phone with your computer and you automatically are drawn to the idea that your loved one is around that most likely is him or her. Just saying hey I've been able to mess with some of your electricity. So just to be aware that I'm here still if you ever watched a movie Ghost you probably will resonate with some of these signs because it's very similar to the way that the spirit world works. They do have to learn how to communicate with us and the well send us little cues and signs in our environment to just let us know that they're around they're sending us a message or they're guiding us towards something that we need help with. And then the last sign that is pretty phenomenal. And I absolutely love this one is Spirit will send people your way. They will send Earth Angels your way to help you in your journey. So I've heard many times my my clients will tell me that when their loved one crossed over they felt like someone who came into their life or that time to help them maybe it was a friend. Maybe it was a partner or spouse or someone who really just kind of served to be an angel in their time of grief and it was almost as if like the loved one was preparing them for what was to come. And so they influenced and orchestrated this meeting to happen so that this person could help help them. So if you feel like you got some money at a time in your life when you were really a crossroads or you were your deep state of grief that most likely is your loved one who sent you that person as a gift and just saying you know I'm looking out for you. I'm still around in spirit through the people that come to your to your to your help to your aid. So those are some of the top common signs of mediumship. And as you move in practice mediumship in the following exercise. Why don't you just be aware of some of these cues these signals. And lastly when you are working with mediumship we're going to talk a little bit about some of the common actual cues when you know that spirit is around in your meditations. So stay tuned for the next video.