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What is mediumship? And what are some common signs from Spirit? 

Learn in this lecture what mediumship is and common signs Spirit likes to send us to get our attention. 

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English [Auto] Hey hey welcome to the second video of the mediumship mini course. Very excited to have you here. We are on a roll. So let's continue. So in the last video I talked to you a little bit about what mediumship is and why we practice mediumship So in this video we're going to continue on that journey and we're going to talk about some of the common signs from Spirit and also some really common cues and feelings when spirit might be around. So Spirit meaning your past loved one will start there. So common signs that I often hear and have experienced myself are first off dreams. Dreams have been the window to another world for me and I know for sure for many of my students and clients they have been really interesting points of validation and confirmation and curiosity and this gate open are kind of right. It's it's this tool that opens you up to the possibility that way maybe my loved one really is around so several people. I mean in my course of my 10 year career here I know that for myself I've had many vivid dreams of a loved one who has passed or I've had these really vivid dreams that are intuitive that can be premonitions or a feeling of something before it's about to happen. And so vivid dreams in mediumship means that your loved one in spirit has come to visit you. So it feels as if you've connected soul to soul with your loved one. You feel as if like you were literally there with them communicating having a chat or you just felt them and you saw that you felt their presence and it felt extremely real to you. And I know that for several people in my community and with my students and clients that these types of dreams don't happen that often but when they do they are kin they can be extremely transformative for the person meaning that you really feel as if your loved one has had visited you you know that it really landed and left this long lasting almost a fact of comfort and peace and love knowing that this individual was with you. So they there is a term for this called a visitation. You can call it whatever you want I think you know a visitation is just as fine as a very vivid dream or an experience that you had in your sleep. Whatever works for you the term doesn't really matter so much as that you know that this experience was something that felt true to you that felt real to you. And it was transformational for you. And so it had impact in your well-being and your life and it left you with this long lasting impression of wow. Yeah I really felt like my loved one came and visited me last night. So that's one side. The second sign is recurring signs and symbols so sometimes this is like messages or songs. Smells. Things like that that kind of strike you out of the ordinary. It could be the person's anniversary date or a passion of theirs and it caught you like maybe you got an invitation to something that you never you never really you never considered going to maybe your loved one was a big golf player and you randomly got this invite to go to some sort of golf event. So it can be really like any kind of sign or symbol that just kind of strikes you out of the ordinary. And I'm the immediate first thought you have is of that person in spirit. So I remember very clearly that there was a moment when I was washing the dishes in my apartment a couple of years ago and I just felt my grandmother there. Like I instantly felt this person next to me. And it was just a feeling as if like oh my god my grandmother is here. Like wow it feels really nice like she just came to say hi to me and so that can it can be something like that. It can be some sort of sign or symbol in your car or out when you're out walking or in a conversation that really just kind of strikes you in a very different unique way than your average day experience and makes you feel as if like your loved one is communicating with you. So that's one way. I mentioned smells and hence people say that they feel as if they're smelled they've smelled their loved ones perfumer their cologne or one of them or maybe they smoked or just their smell if they can smell it sometimes so that's often a sign. The next one is people so there may be someone who serendipitously like showed up in your life shortly after your loved one passed or right before your loved one passed who feels as if they were sent to be a good friend. Of maybe a future partner you know someone who is there to support you in some way in your life. So sometimes this to me feels as if it was somehow synchronistically lined up that this person showed up in your life at a time when you really needed it. And so the universe responded and your loved one somehow may have orchestrated it or influenced it and collectively as energetic thought you have now this person in your life that reminds you of your loved one or feels as if it was sent to you from your loved one and then the final one that I feel is really interesting is that there can sometimes be these gifts that manifest right. So sometimes you might get a gift from a friend or somebody at work or just a feeling of a miracle that was sent your way and your first thought may be that it was from your loved one in spirit. I can give you a great example of this recently in my urban experience here in Los Angeles I did a group message circle and the lady that I was working with I kept seeing her receiving yellow flowers on her birthday. It just so happened that she got yellow flowers from a front on her birthday. And her loved one in spirit said that those were from him. So fascinating how that confirmation comes through as like hey that gift by the way that you got recently was a gift from me actually. So it's like they want to vouch for saying that that was also part of my thought process and maybe they influence that person to get you that gift for whatever reason. So something to think about is that you know the gifts that you get from people. Does it feel as if it was a gift from them or maybe was influenced by your loved one in spirit as a gift to you from them. Right. So moving on common cues and feelings. Ok so when your loved one is around you may have these energetic feelings or thoughts are sensations that will come through in these different ways. So the first one is your body temperature. I know that for me it's happened quite a few times where I've felt sphere around and like my body temperature has changed drastically like I would feel maybe very hot or very cold. My palms might feel very clammy. So these physical sensations can happen where you have biting bilinguals your palms might feel sweaty or very clammy and you might have like you're like racing of a heart a little bit or some sort of a feathery kind of tach around your head or our shoulder. And I don't feel like they are all self manifested things like I think I think I felt them but I'm not sure how it feels to me. That's why don't you feel it when you feel it you feel it. So the body temperature and these physical sensations are definitely some common cues to look for when you're connecting to spirit. Especially when you get ready to do your visualization in the next video you're going to want to keep this in mind. So notice how your body temperature is feeling. Notice if you're getting any physical sensations in your meditation your visualization just notice you know what these little energetic shifts are these physical shifts. Right. So the next one is the emotional shift. So I've talked about physical shift the emotional shift is just as important. So when we're you know doing our everyday life and we're going about her duties we might have like a fairly neutral mood we may be stressed out during certain tasks we may be very calm and other points of the day. And then let's say we sit and meditate more like collecting ourselves from our day. And you are in this process of really like relaxing and clearing your mind or trying to at least and and you're connecting with spirit that's your intention. So in the process you may start to get these physical sensations or your body temperature possibly could change or you may feel an emotional shift. So I know that sometimes when I do my visualizations with my clients they'll tell me that they feel very emotional very quickly. It could be your grief coming up it could be that you miss them. But sometimes to what it feels like can be the sense of a graceful presence next to you you could feel some sense of comfort. You could feel a real warm loving feeling you could feel the personality of that person starting to come through and you must feel as if they're really like next to you or you feel their sense of humor or they're strict and they're strict kind of rigid ness so I noticed two of you're starting to pick up on a sense of somebody there or an energetic feeling of a person beside you or with you in in your experience with a loved one nearby. So those are things to look for. So this wraps up our video on common signs and cues from Spirit. I hope that you enjoyed it. I hope that you found it to be really insightful. Your journey and I will see you in the next video where we talk about how to connect to Spirit and where you'll have your bonus visualization to connect with your loved ones. Thanks for watching.