Monk lesson: introduction to moving meditation and mindfulness

Shi Xing Mi
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Meditation in motion, a dynamic approach to mindfulness

Train body and mind 10 minutes a day with moving meditation, improve your mindfulness and get a more fulfilling life

42:49 of on-demand video • Updated November 2017

  • what is moving meditation, how to clear your mind while training your body
  • techniques to release stress, improving your body strength and power
  • apply mindfulness to your body and mind in your everyday life
  • understand and improve your physical and mental conditions
  • use mindfulness to sharpen your focus and make the most efficient use of your time
  • techniques for body relaxation and health
  • to improve soft skills like rooting, balance, lightness
English [Auto] Hello and welcome to the very first I'm moving minds lesson will be minds is a method inspired by shieling culture and millennial wisdom of practice for body mind and spirit which harnesses your true potential and helps you along a journey of self-development and growth through this method. We will synthesize several techniques for body for mind and spirit in two separate themes. A warrior theme and a monk theme which is what you are seeing today. These two energies are an integral part of our daily life. Any activity we embrace whether it's personal or professional We require a monk energy and a warrior energy and a balance between the two what we mean in many minds about Monk and warrior. Well the monk is the reflective introspective analytical part of ourselves and the warrior is the Douer the go getter. If you're always doing going and never reflecting and thinking you will waste a lot of energy and you will chase a lot of wrong objectives but at the same time if you are always thinking and reflecting and never doing you never achieve anything. So these two energies combined together are the secret to true mastery and that is what we will try to achieve through the moving minds problems. Now don't be afraid about words like Master or body mind and spirit. Everything we will do is very pragmatic. It's very simple because it has been distilled from Schorling culture into something that can be used daily by any one of us. The purpose is just to develop yourself. It doesn't matter where you are at today but every day we want to be a little bit better in the first lesson is one of mindfulness. To understand where are you today where is your body. Where is your mind. Where is your spirit. How does this ecosystem feel and perform well. First of all let's look at each one of these three elements. So close your eyes and take one minute of time. Mindfulness time observe your body your mind and your spirit in your average day of life. Evaluate each one and then do some of the three. Then give a vote to your ecosystem in a range from 1 to 10 where 10. It's about the absolute brimming with energy in mind which is total clarity and a spirit which is total fulfillment and one is obviously the absolute opposite. A body which barely has the energy to take you through the day in mind which is overload and overwhelm in a spirit which is emptiness don't be overly optimistic or pessimistic. Be honest with yourself close your eyes take a minute and give yourself of all. It doesn't matter what results you got whether it was low on the scale or high What matters is that now you know how you feel. Most of the days of your life and that should be a first prompt to make a change. Where do your everyday ate and you want to make some fine tuning. So you got to nine and 10. You achieve the utmost performance and wellness and serenity and fulfillment that you can achieve in life. Or if you are two or three or four and you realize that you don't want to feel like that anymore you don't want to go through life a 30 40 50 percent of your potential. You don't want to and you shouldn't have to. So you must implement some changes so that that tree can become sex and that sex can become movie minds is a method inspired by the millennial culture and wisdom of Charlie and monastery where monks have trained for over 1500 years. Number of disciplines. Harnessing the power of the body the mind in the spirit and developing the human ecosystem in an optimal way. This method has been distilled into a foundation program which enables anyone to tap into the benefits of Schorling practice in a very simple and effective way enabling you to grow your ecosystem for whichever score you gave yourself today very rapidly. And manageably every day. Thank you for joining this very first moving minds lesson. I'm sure it has been enlightening to discover the status of your ecosystem but now you should treasure that information and work to improve it. Cultivating your body mind and spirit to achieve your full potential of wellness Serenity health and performance in everything you choose to do in life. Do your best to be your best. Thank you. Amitav or.