MEDITATION SESSION: Calming down and centering

Michaël Bijker
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Lecture description

A relaxing meditation session to calm down and center.
Make sure you turn ´Autoplay´off in the Udemy video player so that when the video stops you can take your time to sit longer in silence if you want and take time to let the sessions have their effect on your whole state of being for a while.

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  • Learn to calm the mind and enter into a state of deep meditation and relaxation
  • Develop health, inner wisdom, mindfulness and true happiness
  • Several powerful mindfulness breathing techniques for meditation to cleanse and harmonize mind and body
  • 4 hours of BEA (brain enhancing audio) mp3 files to help harmonize the brain for easier meditation
  • Recover and/ or prevent burn-out and stress through mindfulness meditation
  • Learn to transcend suffering and be free and understand you are part of this divine creation
  • Meditations to realize that you create for a great part your own reality and how you can influence that
  • The art of mindfulness in everyday life
English [Auto] Sit comfortably in take a moment to relax into a sitting position. Allow your eyes to gently close an relax a bit more to face muscles the lips the eyebrow the hands. And take a couple of comb the Reds notice. You can let go a little bit more with each breath out loosening up a little bit more. Each breath then you're breathing calmly like these where can you feel the breath flowing in and out of the body. What can you feel is moving feeling that very gentle flow of the breath in and out bit like waves on the ocean as you keep watching the breath allow yourself to settle a little bit more into the moment do you feel these instead of it restless very calm it's all okay. For some time just watch the breath happen. That's your awareness. Go deeper within and I'm sure you can let go a little bit more. The muscles in the face of head and lips the jaw may also be the shoulders and the arms the hand the chest the belly the legs the feet and now allow your breath to happen. No need to control the breath. The breath happens by itself. Let it happen creating more space to let life happen as it comes and goes. Feeling that space in which life manifests itself with space of consciousness let the awareness go deeper with the loose up a little bit more. The phase mask the arms and and I bet the whole rest of the body. No need to control anything. No need to hold on to anything let it be give it some space feel these wide variety of sensations feeling throughout the body. Like you're watching your own body your own breath your own mind. From a high perspective for some time letting everything happen as it happens it's all OK it's all OK. This spate of pure being of pure consciousness it's all good. Feel free to sit for a a bit longer or whenever you want. You can slowly start moving in come out of the meditation. May we all be blessed with peace now and wisdom.