1.4 Guided Meditation 'Ahum Brahmasmi.'

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English [Auto] High. And here we are in Lesson number four in Module 1. And I thought before we continue with our journey any further let's do a meditation session together on a beautiful mantra a home run Mohsni. Now this will all be explained as we run through the course. And of course I will be explaining how we prepare for our meditation practice that we'll be doing on a regular daily basis. However just for now for the next few minutes I'd like us to meditate together. So if you could find yourself a nice comfortable spot somewhere in your home and perhaps that could be a dining room chair maybe on the side of the sofa sitting on the side of your bed you could sit on the floor like myself. I'm actually propped up here on a yoga block. It's like a hard solid foam little block that we use for yoga practice. If you're not familiar with yoga and that actually raises up my pelvic area which then allows my knees to be at a lower placing than my hips. So it's quite a comfortable place to be on the floor. And also it gives me a nice straight back with a little bit of curvature in my lumbar vertebrae. So for now let's find a nice comfy spot somewhere for the next few minutes and I'll meet you back here for meditation. OK so now that you've found a spot to meditate with me for the next few minutes if you'd like to simply place your hands palm down on your thighs or if you'd like you can place your palms facing up with the back of your hands resting on your thighs. And if you want to and it feels comfortable to do so you can place your forefinger and your thumbs together. This is a very common position to meditate in. Now you should have a nice straight spine nice straight back with your shoulders pressed back and down. This will stop any aches and pains the tension in your back during the practice. Now if you need to you can have a backrest but I prefer you to not have a backrest simply because you may fall asleep so I don't want you getting too comfortable right now. So if you can sit a little bit forward on the chair where you sitting on the floor on the side of your bed or on the sofa and a nice straight upper back hands resting on the thigh. Or you could actually place your hands one palm in the hand of another. Rest your hands down below your abdominals. This is also a nice comfortable place to be for a meditation session. And so when you're ready. Let's lower the eyelid and gently bow that little bit for wear it nice and relax. Eyes. And what this does is remove all of the external stimuli coming from the ice and allows this to begin. Jenny in it's in words to the interparty Let's start by scanning the body to relax any tense muscles and adjust any part of your body to be comfortable. If your limbs slightly joints and now let go of any concerns that can be traced let. This is a small precious amount of time that you've set aside for you for you to reset recharge and be the very best version of you so allow yourself the freedom to experience a calm state of the feel of relaxations writing through your body and together. Let's take a deep cleansing breath in through the US allow that breath to travel all the way up through the. And letting go of all tension on the outbreath feeling that your body with all tension feel each and every breath bringing more peace and more and let us know place our full attention. On a slow steady deep inhale from the base of your spine up through the dominant cavity feeling the whole chest area expand. Take that breath to the top of the head. And slowly allow that breath out releasing all tension releasing that. All right down to the base of your pelvis and once again allowing your abdominals to fill your whole chest cavity fill with that vital force of energy. Take that breath to the top of the head. And relaxing. Let that breath out slowly allowing the abdominal muscles to relax feel your whole body relaxing tension is leaving on every outbreath. And once again that is no place for full attention on a slow steady deep in allowing the abdominal muscles to relax feeling the entire lungs. The chest lifts the rib cage expands your whole body expands. And now slowly allow that breath out steady feeling that breath leaving your lungs. The chest moves in with the rib cage. Lois Scheldt and once more let's breathe in taking that breath up through the abdominals expanding the chest area shoulders back and down all the way to the top of the head. Loud that breath out traveling back down through the body releasing old and now start to breathe normally Hatcher and pay and relax all tension leaving the body that spring off for us. On the inner body feel that like an itchy running through your whole body let's relax. Pos of the body. Starting with the time relaxing the release any tension in your ankles move that relaxation up through your leg. It's relaxing. All of those muscles thighs. It's the hamstrings relax move that relaxation up into pelvic area the lower belly is relax feel the rib cage gently moving with the breath shoulders relax for Relax hands and fingertips all trenchantly and traveling back up through the field that vital force of energy that forms of life traveling through and into the neck muscles relaxing freeing those neck muscles of all tension and mashing up into the head the facial muscles relax the jaw the lips. I like this relax all the muscles in the face the cheek makes your mouth and when you're ready I'd like you to repeat with me the mantra I promise me this is Sanskrit for I am the universe how promise me but I'm just me. Promise me repeat it with me. Promise me promise me promise now whisper the mantra to yourself I must be Mohsni me and now side play in your mind. Oh ring a chime. When it's time to stop repeating the mantra how me promise me letting go of the mantra relax and take a deep breath in taking that breath in through the abdominals up through the neck into the top of that breathing. Alex allowing that breath to travel through the body and one more time breathing in taking that breath out from the base of your spine up through the abdominal neck all the way to the top of the head and taking that breath out to the base of your spine. And now gentle of breathing in and out no forcing simply relax the breathing place should focus back on the body relaxing from the head down to the toes resting in the resting in existence. Resting in awareness. And when you're ready you can open your eyes Kenai deep breath and filling the lungs and pray out to and now let's take our arms with a breath then take those arms. But for the head as you breathe in reaching upwards looking upwards towards the fingertip stretching that body and breathing out bringing in our hands to the body the fist come into the core of your being bowing slightly forwards. And now bringing palms of your hands together in front of your heart bowing slightly for this I hope you enjoy the first meditation session together.