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Growing your own herbal medicine offers so many rewards. There is the simple pure joy of connecting with nature. You’ll be rewarded with quick and easy access to medicinal plants when you need them. Most importantly, you will have the finest quality herbs.

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Herbalism :: Growing Top Medicinal Plants [Certificate]

Growing your own herbal medicine is easy and allows you to have quick access to medicinal plants when you need them

02:29:33 of on-demand video • Updated November 2020

  • Build confidence in working with highly beneficial plants
  • Grow the most common and useful medicinal plants
  • Harvest plants for the greatest effectiveness
  • Use plants for ultimate health and wellbeing
  • Enjoy the beauty of a medicinal garden
English Growing your own herbal medicine has so many rewards. There's the simple pure joy of connecting with nature. You'll be rewarded with having quick and easy access to herbal medicine when you need it. And most importantly you will have the finest quality herbs. Whether you're using them fresh or making your very own herbal medicine preparations you will never find better medicinal herbs. They are quite easy to grow so no worry if this is your first try at growing plants. Your garden can be as large or small as you like it. You can also grow medicinal plants in containers on your deck, your patio or a sunny window. Many of the medicinal herbs covered in this course will be familiar to you. Some are the very culinary herbs you use in cooking such as Basil time oregano and garlic. Some of them have been used as ornamentals and flower beds like calendula and purple cone flower. These herbs were selected primarily for their ease of growth and for their safety. Each of the herbs also have a multitude of medicinal uses. So you'll be well supplied for a wide variety of ailments. While much of the course focuses on each of the plants preferred growing conditions and medicinal uses a good portion of the course covers herbal gardening basics. This includes site selection, types of gardens, caring for the soil, purchasing seeds, growing tips, when to harvest and how to save seeds for the following year's garden. I'm Elizabeth Heck instructor for this course. As a longtime herbalist I have been growing medicinal plants on my land for over 20 years. It's been a true joy to get to know the plants so well each with their own different tendencies and beauty. I'm excited to share with you what I've learned along the way.