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English [Auto] Next let's look at the difference between an employee and an entrepreneur because this is the change in mindset that you need to make when you start a new business previously you may have worked as an employee maybe you have never done business before but as an employee you have other priorities other objectives as an entrepreneur. Those priorities and objectives will change. Let's look at what the difference is. First how do you consider work as an employee. You look at work as something that you can get away from trying to do. Minimum effort. Spend as little time as possible on tasks and cross the checklists while as an entrepreneur you look at work as something that excites you. And because it does excite you you are willing to spend the required time in order to do it well in order to perform well in order to have that quality product or service that you are trying to provide. On the other hand as an employee you are trying to spend as little time as possible just get it done. As an entrepreneur you are willing to spend all the time that is required and this is why sometimes entrepreneurs end up working long hours. They don't even notice it. They don't feel it but they just realize oh it's already 3 o'clock. In fact while I'm recording this course it's already past midnight. I'm not even noticing it because I consider it to be exciting. The other thing which employees consider different from entrepreneurs is the support as an employee you look at support that's something that you deserve because you're a good employee and your employer should provide you with support any kind of support that you need. Now when you change the mindset as an entrepreneur you are the one who is going to provide this support for your employees and your support is going to drive them because you are the leader of the business that you have created. And last thing that I want us to look at is income in terms of entrepreneur income is something that you can earn and your patient. You can wait for it because you are excited you have a long term goal while as an employee you look at income as something that has to be received immediately. Job is done. Money received. Thank you. Job is done. Money is not received. Start to complain. That's the employer mindset. While the entrepreneur doesn't complain entrepreneur has a positive energy positive excitement and is ready to wait for the right moment to start earning money so that's in a nutshell. The difference between an employee and an entrepreneur. So if you can start making this my change in mindset from employee to entrepreneur boom you are already thinking as a business person.