Modeling the base of the island

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  • Low poly modeling of the base

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Learn Maya 3D Modeling for Unity Mobile Game Development

This course will teach you how to create a beautiful 3D low poly scene in Maya and import it into Unity

01:58:57 of on-demand video • Updated August 2017

  • Create low poly scene inspired by the game "Monument Valley".
  • Tips & Tricks to optimize your scene for mobile devices.
  • Uv unwrap and Texture your 3D model.
  • Export the model and import it into Unity 3D.
  • Setup the scene in Unity3D to get the mood and feel of "Monument Valley" atmosphere.
English [Auto] Hello and welcome to lecture number one in this lecture I'm going to show you how to model the basis that I want. So let's get started. First I'm going to show you which functions we will use very often. So I'm going to go to mesh and I'm going to be using extrude. I'm going to be using Insert edge looked to and I'm going to be using the merge function. You can go to the custom up from those tabs just click on the custom tab then go to Edit mesh code on your keyboard control and shift and then click on the extrude and into it you create a shortcut in this toolbar. So I just created a shortcut for extrude. I will be creating one more for itself there too. So again code control and shift on your keyboard. Click on the search tool and click on merge. So those three functions are using all the curse and they are the main functions that I'm using to create the war mesh. So let's get started and let's start to model the base. So first how I'm going to start I'm going to go to create a polygon primitive and I'm going to create a cube again I'll be creating cubes a lot so I click control and shift click on like home. So I added to my two were in the custom. And right now I can access more more often. So you click on the creative part of an cube on the grid click it once and you'll be getting into creating the cube. I just drag to create the wet and drag queen height. And this is how we're going to start. So I'm going to move to the center like that and I'm going to start splitting and moving. I'm going to using a lot of face the burdocks and object Moat's. So let's go let's start. I'm going to shrink the base a little bit like that. I'm going to move it. So if going go look at like that we're going to move like this but I want to have like a little small form with which us start then I'm going to choose the splits. So then I'm going to start splitting my dad was but you get a split second time. And this will be good. So I'm going to select the faces right now select those two faces and I'm going to select the extruder. So right now you're going next to it. So my rights like a little bit like that that I'm going to select this face extrude with other further because I want to create an edge here like a hole in the I want and it will be cool. I'm going to keep selecting this face and keep extruding two more times one one more extrude and I'm going to select right now a bunch of faces. So I want to close the hole in that I want deaths and click and extrude and just for that is. So right now I have a little how no I won't. It's a little bit too far. And I want to make it a little bit. But that number is this. So I'm going to select those vertices and I'm going to move my dead. So I hear a little short a little hole in shore and I'm going to keep making interesting forms so I'm going keeps playing right now. So I'm going to split one more time over here and I'm going to split one more time or here because I want to make a little bit of edge. Obviously in this case in this case I'm going to extrude it. And I'm going to extrude again from this face. So I have a pretty interesting shape over here. See some nice edges. So this you do for our right site I don't I think it's OK. Right now we'll try to get as we go along. So this is not a final thing you know. So right now I'm going to do the left side. The technique is the same I'm going to select those faces. I want to have symmetry over here as you can see. Select those faces how extrude so it creates this shape. What you see. It's kind of nice. And what I'm going to do right now is extend to to this parts. So how I'm going to do it because I want to be more interesting. I'll just select those faces in the bottom and I'm going to click again extrude. I'm going to put them next to a second time. Then right now I'm going to select the bulk of those extra spaces. Those two faces and again I'm going to extrude but I'll make them like I will that's them a lot further from the base of the Silent. So we have some interesting shape and make it more interesting. I also like this face and again the next extrude. So as you can see we started here a really nice shape like interesting one and it's not complicated at all. You just try and make some forms and that's the base the basics and we'll go with world's. So I don't like this. It has a lot of symmetry. Just go make like dat. Man ghosts in those days. I'm going with it one. So I'm will be like this because I didn't like the one on that. So this is our first piece I want right now I want to make another one which you fill up these get. So I'm getting used the Cuba option and we make it. And I'm going try. Why does it seem to hate is different. So I'm gonna save you. Me. It's the same day. I'm the words seems to move them and the bottom so the head the heart will be the same. From this piece of file onto this piece fine. This is very important because when we make the bridge in the buildings it should be like the same of course you can be creative you can make different heights but you should know Mahto a little bit more logically to the bridge and the buildings. It's OK if you want you can do it right now and get to fill up the gap. I'm going to do it like guess so I'm going to split again. Here over here. So if it splits going to strike them in the face I'm going to extrude that. I'd prefer it to be small. Is this so it's ok cage and right now I'm going to extrude along this side once again. I'm going to split a little bit because you know I want some interesting shapes so I just like those two faces. I'm get a kick again on the extruder option going next to go here go next to it one more time. They search right now. I'm going to like this one and I'm going to ax through my guess. I want to make it a little bit further from the previous I. So I want to be more interesting like that. So this was looking good. I'm going to extrude right now. To the bottom the bad ones let's go make this extrusion I want to create a little Jiechi you know or do edge again here. So what I'm going to do is like those faces and just the lead leading and I sure shoot like this. Right now I have two holes all here because I don't get faces. So what how are we going to connect them. So like edge like this which is like this search I'm going to go to extrude and I'm going next to them. So the bottom then this is very important. I'm going to go to footsies and as you can see showreel we shift to vertices which are split and they're not together. So I'm going to use the merge option that we've created disease it you see like one I'm going to repeat here or here and it's close. So I think this too much so I'm going to bring it like this with a little bit to get it to the upper side. And it's right now I'm going to do interesting shapes at a bottom. So I'm going to states again. Why does we're seeing those faces. For example next through the bones and by the sound and right now I'm going to extrude this one at swanking create this shape our whole lives a big hole over here. So I'm just me and I don't like to be more like this. And you know if you're connecting islands got to be the shape of a bit because we need space for the bridge in the next Tauriel on something like this you can live right now. What we need to do is up a little bit more details like self-loading. I once so Greed's again cube I'm just going to push bit. So this and I'm going to start to fill up my scene with all those little cubes. Just be creative. Find the best parts sing the logical logical. Make one more here. Slide decks I wanna have one more here. Maybe a little bit more. It's true. It's not like that and I'll throw up wit one more floating cube or you're like that. I'm that OK can like kids. Those are kind of short sword just like my dad wants. I like deeper edge. Inside the War. So I think this is the I will be tweaking it in the progress. So don't worry right now what we need to do is create the water beneath the island. So I'm going to select those measures of them and I'm going to go so mesh combine. So I will combine all the measures in one and I'm going to select I'm going to click control and zoom. Or if you're using a Mac it's common month and then which you duplicate the mesh. So I have another match like this right now. But again gather make it's more so. Pushes it a bit. So I'm going skills like decks something like this Well we'll tell you a bit now because our of using a metric camera that's why I'm observing this scene from this view right now I don't like how this is placed. So just because the geometry just double clicking on it just double click and you know we selected a just double click or on the movie it's a little bit now because this is so much so instead of our previous of you can see I just double click and I see the Homesh just move it a little bit down. I like. It is right now I just don't like this one bit so it's cage and we will be tweaking this when we bought into it. So this is the basics of how I created the base of diamonds. It's quite easy. It takes some time. You just need to be creative as the idea of where to put those Iowans how to make the shapes. Just be creative. Just try try to make different forms than mine. And have both a task like homework. You should create really crunch shapes of this. So be creative. You can make them like long islands or just three pieces of small or whatever you want. Just be creative and try to create your own base of the island. So this is fall for this lecture and are we waiting in the next one.