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Maven Crash Course

Create a multi module maven java web applicaiton project in easy steps

04:57:34 of on-demand video • Updated April 2021

  • Learn what Maven is and Why it is so popular
  • Master all the core concepts of Maven
  • Create and Build a project from the command line
  • Work on a end to end java web application usecase
  • Create and build maven projects from eclipse
  • Write,Execute and skip unit tests using Maven
  • Create a maven web application
  • Develop a multi module maven project
  • All in simple and easy steps
English In this lecture, I will walk you through the contents of the maven installation directory go to the maven installation and the very first file here is the license file open it and you will find the apache software licensing information which tells what we can do and what we shouldn't be doing with the apache software the notice has a apache copyright information the readme dot txt has information on how to set up and verify the maven installation the bin folder as the name itself says as all the scripts that we use to execute maven the boot directory has one jar file which is responsible for creating a class loader in which maven executes so maven comes with its own class loader inside which it executes next is the configuration or conf directory the important file here is the settings dot XML using this file we can customize the behavior the default behavior of maven typically we create a settings dot XML file and we put it under the folder called dot M 2 which maven automatically creates under our user directory more on this in lectures later on but remember that settings dot xml is used to customize the behavior of maven next is the lib directory which has the maven core classes that does all the build work and all that we do with maven and all its dependencies as well all the java stuff which maven needs to perform its job