Part 3: What is Symbolic toolbox and why I should know it very well ?

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English [Auto] Hi guys in the last part of the tube symbolic toolbox I like to add one more thing which is really important and it is the fact that we learned how to do calculations in a symbolic format by passing the symbol function into the valuable here answer. So it gave us that result but sometimes we need to return back to resolve to numeric. Right because numeric gives that better sense of precision and all do symbolic is used a lot in common in many applications but numeric is also very very useful for instance to show an example. Let me calculate something was I then pass the symbolic format you will see that the results create it is not actually useful. So if you compare this one the last one with the Assar here you will notice that how different they are in order to return back into that. We use a command called double. So if I say double answer you will notice that the result is created it and I can use that. Also we learned that we can get more information about the commands to help function. So it is available and it will give me more information. What kind of function double ees what does it do. And the more information also the deepest darkest of all. Give us the documentation we can read to see what's the nature of that function. And if you notice I've not talked about it so far but if you notice there's X paing here which stands for function. And what does your click on this one. It will give you a toolbar to search his stuff for it. For example if I say symbolic right. So if I if I search for symbolic It would give you the option to search for what you want so you go you may go through it and then say OK I'm interested in let's say rank symbol and then it will give you the information. You go hover over it and it will give you further information regarding that. And it's really really important and handy.