Setting Up Permissions Access to AWS Services

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English [Auto] So this video I want to show you how to set up access keys and secret keys on my laptop using Rachel by it and Corden's tracks that souces. So let's get into I am so under. I am I want to create a user to say add user just giving some name. The best can get any name for this. Basically I want this user with access type program programmatic access. So why because our code is going to interact with this. I'm as upset as I can so for that I'm going with programmatic access which is going to give us access via the secret access key which acts like a username and password. Let's go for permissions. So what I want to do is I want to give admin permissions because I want to do examples on easy to Eby is yesterday and will be etc.. So instead of giving everything changing the permissions precise to what they're doing and giving it Flack says this is just a demo Poppas So review it. So create the user. So when you create the user right you get something like this you're going to get access key and secret key made to configure this access key and secret key to the laptop or to the mission from where you are running this boat. Three examples for that on my mission on my Mac book. I want to install it obviously a live wire here. I want to configure this access key and secret key ones access key secret key configured on the mission. Same access kept secret keys are used by any SDK as you ran on the same machine. Alerts such for Tblisi a link that's open the first link here says there are some downard options in this case so for a request by Don on for Windows it requires I mean in Windows that actually has the installers 64 bit and 32 bit. So in my case how I installed it is like this enough for the videos I'll be showing you how to install Python and even how to set up there so you can check that video. So in this case right I want to do something like this. Then you then buy it on Salida UCLA. It is going to install it on command line interface for us. Once it is successfully installed we had to run the following command. So randomness configure so Broida access creativity is generated in the previous step. So this one when you click show it will expand it. That's going to be the password Sublette those days. I'm just confident it will enter that access key and the end of the secret can not end things because it is already configured for me. But in your case it must be an access key and secret can put it here. And you also can choose the region before region where all your resources are managed and coming to the fore or put you just don't enter anything by default. The output format is going to be GSM. OK. So once this is done your mission is configured that access key and secret key the same access key and secret key is used by the python which ends on the same mission to interact with the other services and resources.