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You will learn how to setup color controls for all your animations. This easy method will allow you to globally change colors and maintain consistency in your Project.

You will also learn how to save presets and re-use them all over the project.

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English [Auto] So now that we have done our own emissions we have compositions Tex. How are we going to control the colors. Because sometimes you don't want all the colors to be the same. And sometimes you want to change the colors for all the animations that you have. So the way to do it is I'm going to create a composition and I'm going to create inside this composition I'm going to say layered new I just laugh. So I have here an adjustment that immediately I go to present and I look for control. What I'm interested in is color control. I'll put color control here open so I have either one color control I can make several That is three for example or four or even and the first one I'm going to call it text color 1. The second one takes close to usually don't have the color of four or five but you have line color for example color. I can do it one. And let's say you have a line color line color. Now I have four colors that I can use. Now I will take this one and go to effect. The first thing I will do is to save this one as a piece that I will come to animation and say save any mission please. Now I'm all set here but usually you will come to present created a clock to record my presents. And in this directory for example we can say with color control 3 I'm gonna call it Caracal control four because are four colors. Now I save that please. That will avoid that. I will have to recreate this adjustment there again and again and fix all together I were in this one and colors a lot in my project. I have a computer on which I'm going on in in immediately to color control. So now I have a composition color control inside that there is a layer. So I will choose the colors. For example I'm going to give it up close would be not is the difference. And let's go to green. Yes. For example now I have my text and I want to give my text this text here. The let's stick to it next to is better. So I have my text here I want its color to be color one from within my color control. How do I do that. Actually it's pretty easy. What I will do I will go to my effect I will look for fill a simple field and I put the field. Then let's go back to project immediately notice it became red because the field here has a red. I will press it and click on Kalash and then I'm going to use the script to go to color control composition each tell me which color control I like Dot layer and that layer is not what is going to give me an error. Now don't worry about it is colors. I'll copy it back to my text to this day. I would write or control the colors. Then got effect. The effect is for text color 1 and from this effect I'm going to take KOLOFF hadiah no immediately itchiness of this color. Of course you don't want to do that all the time you're not going to get this expression so what you will do will come to a fact and animation. Save animation please said present and take color one color one and save. OK for me I will overnight if I wanted to color to our right to and now is green. I click on effect as animation save animation preset color to and yes because only if I wanted the line color. See how we call that line color one I'll come back to my text to and say Of course I just want to do it to get the present blank color one then I will click on effect go animation save effect and see line color this time line color one. OK I said. Now I have all my preset saved so I will can come in to this one and see the mission apply please that it will take me to my directory my present and I will say it takes color one for example and here it is. Now if I go back to my caller control and change text color 1 to some funny color just to make a difference immediately you notice that whenever I apply next color one is going to change. Now all I have to do if I want to change the color is everywhere. I will use this one. Take for example the next one here. We gave it this color next to. We gave it like color 1. We don't want line color 1 so I would divide the effect from here and go to animation. I play animation preset and I would say X color to for example here the art is done. If I have a line in a composition for example let's take this composition and I want to draw a square word either. OK. I can immediately see choose the later effects. So the animation I play animation presenters say like a lot of one it was Chesterland color one. I come to my color control. What's happening here. Look at the colors. Then I will change here to White for example. And this one too blue and red. I will change it to yellow go back and everything has changed but I didn't do what I promised. So I need to come back to land color Wallonia. Let's change it to yellow where I agreed. Ok fight on. So this is how I would control the colors. I'm not going to start you know if I want to change the colors in all my animation I'm not going to start going to every text and changing the color I'm going to come to control and change all the colors.