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We will review the most used tools in the 3ds max .  and learn the Layers quickly
And Very Fast Review To Editable Poly

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English [Auto] Hi and welcome to you in this video. In this video you will learn the most tools. Use it in the three to set your marks on shortcuts and how we solve our problem. And if I click on move tool what can I embrace on my keyboard. To select the move tool with I would go with the mouse and how to enable the snap mode and disable it without clicking on that you can see the render image here and you can see it sits comfortable. So imagine this is the wall and this is the window so here and this camera. All things got but if we transit to another wall like that you can't see the window is a little bit small and with kids with maybe a 45 degree see here and this wall is so small then the window okay. If you go through the toolbar you can't see here. Many tools this is a redo tool. And this is undue tool select and link the object together. Like the parent on the child. This is a link selection this tool for the space warp effects and this is about the object selected on the menu. This is the selection mode we learn at later the next videos. This is the move tool and watch tool scale tool this three tools is the most use it in the 3D Studio Max so the shortcut of the move tool is w Andrew J. Tool is the E and this kill tool is the R we can't transmit to this tools. This is the snap toggle the shortcut of this tool is the ASCII and the tool here the angle is not to go the shortcut of this tool is the a here we have the main tool show with Schmidt and here the top ocean explorer. This is about the last I will show you what the tool make in this video. The Alliance tool. Do you know what the alliance make. I will use it in the next video. Render sits up here that frame window this is the x's constants you know the most tools use it the move tool tip toe scale tool the snaps tools here lets to solve the problem here with this window just select it and brace e key from keyboard and rotate on y x here and press a 2 enabled the angle is not toggle now I will take it at minus 45 degree leave the most button we can see the window sit it with the same angle on this for lets the braised w key to select the move tool and brace t front keyboard to go to the W view like that move it on why X is and to brace key key front keyboard to return to their respective view like that and same angle and same movement Q We have our edit here as the scale of the window. Now just to press the order key from the keyboard to select the scale tool and here I sit at the scale of this window as the seventy five percent from the all this skill just to ten add to one hundred percent and see now it sits you can't see now translate to the next window select it and the base e from the keyboard. What did the window on 15 degree and the y axis and leave the Y spots on press t from the keyboard select the top of you finds that you Well it's a little of. Praise be from people to return to their respective view. And we can see here window in the lift on the right side that says it abruptly but the heights on bottom is very height. So what we can do. Praise the f key from keyboard to go to the front of you fancy to the window or just braise it. Key from keyboard to zone extend it. No what we can do with this problem here. The fix of this problem is so easy. Just right click here on the window and go to convert it to select. Very easy to tumble buddy and click on the vertex or just to press one number from the keyboard to select the vertex and to select the edge three to select the border for to select the body on and five to select the element don't lose the shortcut of the three just to do marks. It is very very essential so we can to a number one to select the vertex so like this vertices by pressing on left mouse button on move the balls left and down like that with a brace the middle mouse button and move it like that and rotate the middle mouse button for weird. Here to zoom and select the move tool our brief W and move the window axes to the y axis like that until it's set with the frame of the window. Same thing with the bottom left axis. Now it's done for brains the one number Keefe on keyboard 2 and the vertices edits. Now just to press B from keyboard to attend to the respective view and the brain to some extent set. Now you can see the window like deposit window. All things got no I will tell you about the viewport shortcuts like the ult and W S minimize maximum total. Just move the mouse on the front view on the base off and w you can't see the view maximized like the top view. Same thing here left to view just to burst out and W to maximize the viewport now. See I now embrace Saeki from the keyboard a much transits me to the physical camera I can flick here and select the camera from here change the come in on and to the window zoom into it can't see the camera on you can't get through the windows. This is the basis of the free just to do Max. I will tell you about the display here I was by the lights and cameras. See if you click here on the cameras the camera. I did on the same thing with the lights on the geometric note. What about Delius now select the walls on windows and click on the toggle layers explorer and move it here. I will minimize it a little bit here. Now some like the Windows on the walls again. Click here to create a new layer and name it windows. See if I click here to the eye I can hear the object. If I click here the object is displayed. Now I will give you another example. Select these 10 that are primitive from the which were here and left to create spheres here select it and create a new layer. Name it I speak to a sphere and select the boxes here and create a box to on it. Just hold on the base shift key on both on and X is here. And leave the shift on at once button you can select the object copy or in his sense or France as you want. I will make a three copy from your box you select the boxes and create a new layer. Name it X the box. Now I'll think too good you can't select the object manually and easy way because the object is so if I select the box Slayer here and make it active and flowing the boxes at any time like that and select the field layer and make it active from here. And make a mean sphere. If I want to select these boxes here I can't selected like that and I just can selected with the flick on the boxes under the control. Selected you only one by one but if I have the boxes with the layer I can't just type the box on select this fear or I can just double click on the books. Land is double click here and I select the objects. Now all things here about delay are on scale. Tool on the SNAP tool. In this video I was using the angle to snap toggle. I'm not used to it. Not to go. He's not the goal here is the basics. Thank here. If I clone this focuses and I want this book sit on this box I can just flick on the SNAP to go and select vertices so like remove tool just click here on this vertices and put the box on the second box. Okay. It's very easy. This video was about essential think of the 3D to do Max. I will see you in the next video. Thanks for watching.