The marketing function in organizations

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Marketing: Fundamental Skills in 1 hour

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English [Auto] In simple terms marketing refers to the actions the company undertakes to create in value with its customers. Successful marketing requires in-depth knowledge of both customers competitors in markets. It also requires you to use on the organizational resources to achieve an effective and efficient value exchange. How do organizations know what customers want. How do they find out where those customers are. How do they let customers know about their products and services and how do they maintain established customer relationships. Marketing encompasses all the business functions that support the customer value exchange. This can include advertising branding public relations market research corporate product promotion and image management marketing also promotes customer loyalty to specific product service in brands through other key business functions such as product development sales distribution and Bakhash in their approach and organization Take-Two marketing is influenced by its business style. The underlying set of principles that governs the organization strategic and tactical decisions. This style determines the nature and scope of everything in a business. This although each organization is unique business types can be generally categorize as production product market sales or finance focused. Each business style. For more information production folks organizations maximize profits by reducing the unit cost of their products through process improvement and by making products widely available in these organizations marketing efforts support competitive pricing. Why is distribution in ease of product acquisition for customers product folks. Companies aim to produce superior products and improve them over time. Marketing is used to find the right customer for the company's product. The focus is on developing brand loyalty and retaining customers. Marketing efforts involve skills and systems that support products such as aftermarket service and customer support a market focused organization tailors its products and services to the needs and desires of its customers. Marketing is used to determine the right products for the company's customers. Marketing efforts focus on differentiation innovation market research image management and product promotion sales folks to companies concentrate on achieving a high number of sales transactions over a short time rather than budy a long term profitable relationship with customers. Many sales folks companies trade save Steffey high pressure persuasion techniques in these types of companies marketing efforts concentrate on aggressive promotional in advertising efforts finace focused organizations aimed to sell a large number of diverse products over a long period. Large conglomerates are often finance focused marketing efforts most often involve increase market share creating brand recognition and develop new proprietary relationship networks with large scale customers.