The Power of Color & How To Use It

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In this video, I will urge the point that color is very important for branding and will explain some effects that certain colors have. 

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  • Understand how to create a sales anchor in order to make people justify for themselves why they buy your product
  • Know the psychological effects that the colors white, black, grey, orange, red, yellow, blue, green, brown and pink have on the human psych
English [Auto] This video is called The Power of color and how to use it. So I'm here in this chapter now we're going to talk about the power of color and why colors are so important for you and your brand in orange and Target customers and get people into liking but also trusting for example your company. It is all about associating certain terms with your company with your logo with your product. And this is what we want to do here in this chapter. So let us start by saying that color is a powerful branding tool you can use colors in your favor. If you're able to use colors properly and to make other people believe in your company and associate the right terms with the company you're already basically paid half of the bill. It is quite easy to build a company when the logo. And of course also on the product behind it is perhaps suitable for the market but also it is being advertised in the right way. So when we think about freight's and both Facebook ads and we invest that say $10000 into a Facebook ad campaign but we want to get out of it is at least $10000. So we want to generate a profit. Now what color branding is all about is that you want to make sure that you get as much as possible out of it. So you want to increase the efficiency of what you are doing. So it's not about simply making more money. It is how to make more money. And this is how and why we have to understand color branding. So colors are very important for companies and especially for advertisers. And this is really what this court is going to be about. You will learn how to use colors as a powerful tool in order to do branding. So color bolsters your brand attributes So for example if your company stands for let's say trust or it stands for stability then perhaps you want to choose the color black. Black is a color that is often quite neutral that has also been associated for example with the terms underground but also with evil things but also this is not the main part. They are being associated that colors being associated with the term neutrality but also with strength. And this is important if you for example want to build a massive company you shouldn't perhaps have a logo those that say purple or that it's green but rather a logo that represents or really powered in it. And in order to do and have the proper logo you want to choose the right colors. And in this turn now I would like to recommend you using the color black because it is representing strength some color in Abel's brand recognition that is what I believe is most important. You just simply through the right colors can make people recognize your friend forever and ever. So here now I've got three examples. We've got four in the top and the bottom left corner we have the McDonald's logo. And I think only when you see that color when you think about a little bit you could already imagine all this is McDonald's. This is the McDonald's color. When you see the logo you know it instantly. This is you the yellow orange the yellow kind of yellow orange McDonald's logo. This is what the company stands for and they will probably never ever change their logo because everyone recognizes that logo. The same thing also applies to Coca-Cola. So on the top here we've got Coca-Cola in the middle and the color and the writing of course the funds are so recognizable about the brand Coca-Cola. And then to the right bottom corner we got the Emond M's logo. And this one is now a Brownlow's. So this is really one of the only companies who has a brown logo. And of course what we associate with the color brown is chocolate. And when we associate chocolate we of course also associate something positive with it. Now the company Emond EMFs are selling chocolate product. So the first thing that people associate with the thing about the color brown is chocolate and so it is quite useful if your logo actually has the color brown. And this is what they're playing with also color evokes emotion that is very important. So for example the color red is quite a stimulating color. That's why it evokes the emotion of stimulus evokes the emotion instead of also romance. And in many cases also kind of erotic feelings for symbol the color purple is basically very spiritual a very exotic color. That's why it is often being associated with also travel and traveling to countries which are rather exotic. But when you talk also about the color green you will think quite soon about it as a color that is connected to the nature because nature is green that nature is brown and that's why those are colors which evoke the emotion that you're being in the nature and that perhaps help you to calm down. So color is very very powerful tool as a tool in order to evoke emotion and that's what we want to make sure is that the people evoke the right emotion when they look at our logo. So color also helps you to stand out from the competition. And this is now what I believe is the most important. When we think about the market currently there are thousands there are millions of companies that are somehow recognizable but there are very few companies that everyone knows companies like Coca-Cola and EMS. I'd be more for example you know McDonald's. So these are companies that are recognizable because of their coloring but also because of course of the shape of their logos. So what we want to make sure is that we choose a color that no one else has been chosen yet. So very them when you think about Tiffany the kind of bluish and Tiffany boxes they actually kind of evoke a feeling of prosperity but also of wealth because you know the Tiffany price are quite expensive but also this is interesting. It was measured that the heart rate of women goes up when they look at a Tiffany box of that kind of bluish color because they know that this is a high quality product which actually costs a lot of money. That's why their heart rate is going out going up. That's why we want to make sure that our color helps the customers to understand that we are the dominating force in the market but also that everyone is able to recognize our brand because it is so much different from the branding of our competitions. So what really is important here is that we find out which kind of color are for example and the companies using that are in the same markets we're in. And how can we make a difference but still don't seem too much out of the market. So for example when you sell like yogurt products or very natural organic produce you probably would choose the colors green or brown but you're probably not choose the color black because this is not really connected to yoga or some kind of natural products. But what would we have to make sure now is because every other company already has brown and green logos that we come up with a different idea with perhaps a different coloring. Let's say something like purple or rich and then we have to make sure that our products reflect that kind of message that people get from the cultures that we're using in order to promote our company. And in order to create the logo. So really what color is all about. It has to evoke emotion but also it must help us learn to stand out from the competition.