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  • Create Effective Marketing Funnels That Drive Sales
  • Create Lead Magnets That Your Prospects Desperately Want
  • Apply The 12-Step Formula For Writing Scripts For Videos That Sell
  • How To Drive High-Paying Customers From Amazon For FREE
  • Apply The Value Hammer Technique To Craft Irresistible Offers (In Any Market)!
  • Write Effective Emails In Your Email Marketing Sequence
  • Identify Your Target Audience (Demographics & Psychographics)
  • Influence The Decision Brain Of Your Prospect To Close More Sales
  • Come Up With Effective Names For Digital Products
  • Increase The Value Of Your Ideas 10x
  • Discover The Elements Of High-Converting Squeeze Pages
  • Communicate To The 4 Learning Styles (by David Kolb)
  • Create High-Quality Content That Your Customers Will Love
  • Choose The Right Pricing Strategies And The Ones You Must Avoid
  • Use The Framing Effect To Influence Buying Decision
  • Understand When And How To Present The Price Of Your Product
  • Implement Pricing Tactics To Increase Sales
  • Price Your Product Line
  • Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Discount Tactics
  • Calculate Important Business Metrics (Simple Formulas Provided)
  • Use The Two Forces (Pain And Pleasure) To Influence Buying Decision
  • Apply The Power Of Anticipation To Your Marketing
  • Apply The Urgency Principle To Close More Sales
  • Eliminate The Chance Of Decision Fatigue
  • Align Bonuses To Your Main Offer
  • Apply Social Proof On Your Sales Page, Squeeze Page, And Blog
  • Understand The Difference Between Emotional And Rational Appeal (And Use The Right One For Your Audience)
  • Apply Guarantees As Objection Killing Devices
  • Discover The Most Critical Points In Your Marketing Funnel That You Must Test
  • Use FAQ As An Objection-Killing Device
  • Apply An Onboarding Sequence To Reduce Refunds
  • Enhance Your Listening Skills
  • Top 3 Elements Of Highly-Converting One Time Offers (OTOs)
  • How To Apply "The Same Day Funnel"
  • How To Apply "The Recurring Revenue Funnel"
  • How To Apply "The High-Ticket Funnel"
English [Auto] Welcome to the psychology of your marketing funnel section you're about to learn concepts that had the potential to double or triple your business. You will learn how to sell without being Selsey. You'll learn how to make people like you trust you and buy from you. You will learn how to automate your marketing so you can focus on the points of leverage in your business. How does it sound. Are you ready. OK let's get started. In this video we'll talk about what the marketing funnel is and why you need one or maybe more. First of all a marketing and sales funnel are the same thing. When we talk about marketing funnels I want you to think about the journey your subscriber goals. From the first visit they have with you all the way to purchase generally if we could simplify to three main points here is what marketing panels are all about. You identify a problem you provide free content that could help solve that problem. In many cases this free content is about the steps on what has to be done to solve that problem. You offer a complete solution to the problem by selling your product or service. In other words you are selling the how detailed step by step approach to help them eliminate a problem. Now you should know the different funnels exist and different strategies as to how much or what kind of free content to provide. Beginner marketers are afraid not to give too much volume for free. What's left for may print product they would think but here is the rule of thumb for you. The quality of your free content has to be exceptional. It's close to giving your best stuff away because subscribers will form their opinion based on the content you provide. I hope you understand how serious this is. If they like your content the chances of closing them later down the phone will increase if they see you provide great content for free. They would think. Just look at the quality of the free stuff the paid stuff must be awesome. Another important point here is this. The content you provide must be applicable meaning subscribers can apply it in C results almost immediately. In the first section of the program we talked about the Sikharulidze of small achievements right. This is exactly what's happening here. Most of the time if we want to solve a big problem we need to solve few smaller problems. For example your prospects hurt. The phrase money's in the list. So they are concerned about building an email list. Well this might be true it is not the complete picture and your prospects are not aware of it. One piece of free content that you can provide is to teach your prospects how to create learning pages that convert high percent of visitors into Leeds. This is one small problem. Another smaller problem would be traffic. You might teach them how to optimize their Facebook campaigns so they pay less for clicks and visitors. Another smaller problem might be their lead magnet and so on. All of these small pieces will help your prospect build an email list but in the process of educating your prospects you can tell them that having a big list does not mean they will make any money. Now they need to know how to turn their subscribers all leads into customers and this is where your main offer comes in introducing Damascene conversion Methot or something like that. This is just one example but it is not the definitive framework. Generally your free content is closely related to your main offer. I am trying to make an analogy here so you can understand this. For example if your main offer is an online course that has six modules you are free content might be the second module and this is a good example because a module is a complete unit of knowledge or what. Eben pagan calls a self-contained unit of knowledge meaning you provide complete solutions to small problems. But you solve the big problem with your main offer. Next your marketing funnel. Just a few very important goals. The first goal is to build a relationship with your prospects. This is crucially important because people would buy from you when they like you and trust you. Having a well-crafted marketing funnel will do exactly that. It will build trust and likeability. The second goal of your marketing funnel is to show your expertise. After all you are providing valuable information that works for free information that would help solve a small problem. Number three the ultimate goal or purpose of your marketing funnel is to sell your products and services. The best part is that technology helps us automate our marketing funnels. That means they will be working on autopilot. And our job will be to drive traffic to the final and measure results. Marketing falls work for any kinds of products or services they work for physico as well as digital products What tools do you need to build a marketing funnel. Obviously you will need web pages and I didn't see a Web site because you can create these web pages without having the Web site again. Technology allows us to do that. I have web developers in my team but if I didn't have I would use linked pages to create all the pages I need for my Fanaa. This is the perfect tool for marketers without coding experience. Second you need an email service provider or email Alt-A responder where you will create an email sequence. Each visitor goes through that sequence. For example you can set up 15 email automation in when a visitor subscribes. They found that automation and they will receive these 15 emails in the exact order you have set. You can send out the first email immediately after Opt-In email to will be sent in two days after they have opted in and saw some of the famous auto responders are active campaign a Werber maybe a Weber is the most famous one get response. MailChimp Insol I personally use active campaign and I will show you why in a future lecture in the electrolytes coming you would also need tools for creating urgency for example. Deadline Farnol as you can remember from the previous section you'll need a tool to collect payments. For example Paypal Strype and I'm talking about the technology side here. Of course you need a product to sell. You will need a lead magnet. You would need free pieces of content. They might be in different formats from text to or do in video. Plus you need a sales video. But you talk about this in the coming lectures in you will see how everything fits together and I will give you plenty of examples. All right let's recap. Number one think about your marketing funnel is a journey your prospects embark on from their first visit with you all the way to purchase from you. Number two broadly speaking in your funnel you identify a problem you provide information for free that would help solve a problem or a series of small problems. If you sell your product or service is the complete solution. Number three top three goals of your marketing funnel. Building a relationship with your prospects showing your expertise in generating sales. Number four. As for the technology you need web pages Alt-A responder an urgency tool to make this work. Number five. As for the content you need an ethical bribe. This issue. Leave magnet pieces of free content and sells video before they tell you to stay purposeful. I would like to mention that all of these tools and pieces of content are just to give you a rough idea of the elements of the funnel. However I've mentioned the different funnels exist and that means they will have different elements. For example some funnels might not hear Purcell's sales video but a sales page instead. Or maybe both. Others may not have pieces of free content but only a web number and so on. So for Nelse might take 15 days to complete. While others might take only four days as you can see a lot of variables here. My job is to show you what works. All right it's time to close. My name is Vladimiro in remember state purposeful.