The 7 Steps to Brand Identity

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Author of "Primal Branding" shares the 7 steps you need to create a Brand that is effective and has longevity.

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Branding for Music Artists: The Fan Magnet

How to build an Unforgettable Music Brand, Refine your Artist Look and Seduce your Audience

02:32:41 of on-demand video • Updated March 2021

  • You will learn who your fans are, where they hang out, what they like to buy and how to market to them
  • You will develop your own customized content strategy
  • You will have Merchandise that sells!
  • You will learn the power of BRANDING which makes marketing easier
  • You will learn how to create colors for your Branding
  • You will learn how to seduce an audience with your Marketing
  • You will learn how to build a culture around your Music
  • You will create psychological bonds with your Fans
  • You will learn how to develop a BRAND IDENTITY for your Music
  • You will learn how to attract FANS just with your ARTIST LOOK
  • You will learn how to build a community around your Music
  • You will have strategies to keep attracting fans to your music even while you sleep!
  • You will learn how to BRAND and Market yourself as a Musician
  • You will create a FAN AVATAR - a profile of your perfect fan
  • You will learn how to create great content for your Fan Page
  • You will know exactly what to write to create psychological bonds
  • You will have fun building your Profile Page because it is based off of your hobbies and Interests
  • You will have your own active Facebook Fan Group for your Music
  • You will learn how to create a Facebook Profile Page with tons of Fans
  • You will learn how to market your BRAND in Facebook Groups
  • You will learn how to make effective Facebook ads for your music
  • You will learn your Sound Profile and Market your music as a subgenre
  • You will learn how to make ADS for Instagram
English [Auto] Author and public speaker Patrick Hamlin wrote a book called primal branding and within this book the summary is that you need seven key steps to get yourself to a place where you have an established brand. And once you commit and create these seven key steps you will build a huge following and you'll create raving fans. The seven key steps are creation story creed icons rituals opposition sacred words and leader the creation story is a short story about how you got started. This might be entering the questions about what was the first time you picked up an instrument or when was the first time you started writing music. The second one is Creed creed is about something that you stand for. So you want to take some time to think about what are the things that you really stand for and you strongly believe in icons. This can be a visual logo that you work on but it could also be like a sound. Now rituals is something that you always do when people experience you. So this could be something like always going live on Wednesdays or always dropping a YouTube video every Monday and Friday. Those are just two examples but rituals are something that you are in an activity and you are doing something consistently and people understand that this is work. They can congregate to experience you and see you again opposition or the haters. It's really important to identify your competition. Understanding the competition will help to refine you as an artist. It establishes where you belong and where you don't belong. The other thing about identifying the competition and especially dealing with opposition right. People who do not like what you do. These people are so important. The more that you produce and put yourself out there the more that they could continue to oppose you and hate you. And there is this idea that any press is good press which means any kind of people talking about you is good exposure and awareness. So sometimes it takes the people that don't like you to get more awareness to you. And this also brings up more loyalty from your actual tribe so that they have something to fight for. So the opposition is very powerful. Sacred words there are certain kinds of words or phrases that you may use consistently that always identifies that it's your language. So one of the things that have been very trendy over the past decade is that artists will call their fans something. So for instance Mariah Carey she calls her fans the land bully. This is an example of a sacred word. It's something that is created just for your community. And people understand what it means and what it's for. So you can create sacred words to call your fans but you can also create other kinds of sacred words. And this may feel a little forced if you're just coming up with it but go ahead and brainstorm maybe some ideas that you can use. You can always change things up until you really find something that sticks. And the last one is a leader and this is the person with the vision and the instinct to create the vision. And when we're talking about artistry being a music artist that person is you.