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Why to select project management in new location as a profession

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English Hi I'm Jouni and you are considering relocation. I have done it a couple of times and I'm going to share you in this course a couple of things you should consider when you are going to change to another location. First of all remember that you can always go back. There is no such a thing that you cannot go back. First of all when you are considering relocation think about your knowledge. Think always first how much you know about new location. What makes this location best for you and how people actually live there and how they work there. The approach is always like your initial thought. Also you need to have some deeper thoughts and then you make your final decision. Your final thoughts about relocation. And also remember that it's also about your experience. It's about have you been before in this place. What made you want to be there and who did you meet there. The approach will be that you need to understand: you have been there and you have seen the place. And second you need to understand why you want to be there. Your willingness to be there and third always think about connections. And third thing I always think about is my understanding. In this case your understanding. Have you made your homework. Have you interviewed or discussed with locals. How your attitude fits to the local behavior. I think this attitude is really important. Your approach is do your homework, learn about this country. connect more. Try to make friends with locals. And third find a perfect match. Because if you don't find a perfect match you will never be able to think about. In this course I select you one approach. You can decide is it okay for you or not. But why you should select project management in a new location. Is that are you a problem solver. Are you natural born problem solver. This is important. Are you a person who gets things done. It's a second thing. And third are you flexible and easy to adapt changes. This is really important in project management. Your approach is I am problem solver. I am a doer not the only tinker and third I am easy going person. This is what is needed for project management. And then you need to have some ideas before you move. You need to think you will either be in a junior or senior position. You will think about can you start career like this. If you didn't do it before is it possible. Maybe your education is good. And if you work hard you can gain access to better positions. That is what you can do. Your approach is to understand your options. Do you have any options. Second think about your education. Do you have master degree or something else. And third. Think about future you are investing your time. You will gain access to better positions. Why I think Italy is good for relocation or doing projects. It has a long history and it's base for our western civilization. It's in Europe. It makes it easy to go around and also in the country it's easy to get around. They have many good railways and also the bus lines and anything is easy. It is a big country. They have a high population so it means that there are many opportunities for you as well. Education level in Italy is high level. It means that they can easily understand what you are telling. Also the language skills are pretty good so it is not difficult to work with them. Italians always follow the plan and also the decisions. They will stuck in each details. Better not to do too many changes. At least in your own work.