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English There used to be times when you only needed to get backlinks from high authority websites to be qualified as quality backlink. But now Google has updated its algorithm. You have to aim to build your backlinks on Web sites that are relevant to your niche, this is highly emphasized by Google. Build your links on the Websites and pages that are most relevant to your website. Our list building strategy will be based on prioritizing backlinks that are built on relevant to your niche Website first, meaning links from websites that are 100 percent relevant to your website and pages you post your links on are related to your niche. Once you have that taken all the opportunities there is on the web for 100 percent relevant websites. Then you move to building links that are 75 percent relevant to your niche Website. Let's say high authority website that target a broad category, they don't only target your niche which is example: tech niche, They also target "Home and Garden", "auto repair". So once you tap out all the opportunities that is 75 percent relevant to your website you move down to 50 percent and then 25 percent relevant websites. Focus on the ones that are most relevant first and work your way down to the ones that are least relevant. Don't forget one thing. Don't post your website link on articles that are not relevant to your niche. You should categorize your link prospects based on highest topical Trust flow and domain authority. Some people prefer to target lower authority sites first, since the approval process is typically easier. This is fine approach but I just prefer to get high quality links as quickly as I can because they produce results fast. Prioritize your contextual links above all else! Contextual link the type of link that's usually found within the body of content and it's in the context with the ideas suround the link. For example when we get an opportunity to make a guest post, contextual links- links within content Also known as contextual links are the most powerful. Standalone links can be affected by much sketchier and weak in comparison to contextual links. If you decide to use standalone links, please make sure they meet the site and page relevancy standards and all the other outbound links are relevant to yours. The content should be high quality. This is something that not too many people think about but the actual quality of content that is hosting your link is very important, it should be well developed article free of grammar and spelling errors. Most importantly articles should be providing some level of value, high value content equals more social and link activity which equals more authority for your link.