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English [Auto] Hi everyone would about understand what is done and what isn't done during this time than done I'm going to create an amazing amazing space to meet these dishes. Via a new booking agent and we're going to make for few in Dallas and at what almost done is to say wait a second and all ok. Isn't done for each right. I'm going to probably the book will be done if we use the same section and this year for both fuse and Dunson as well. You could say in good intent right. You could say if you want to book over to a bigger room say take over. Right. And here we have contacts. We even discuss it later and we get them as this goes and later we have actions of actions. For that reason we see it now in action. So what his actions and looking be how to collect some better. Just like we are booking in Mumbai. Of to Via to collect some information like those and he will ask me letters of them. So in flow instead of making via the thing from Answer the question just think and suppose if if I wanted to ask if I would ask you that name what what what you said you answer my question to do and not just one thing here that will flow automatically deducted. John I was even first name I get as a collective first name here. It automatically adds a part me to hear these was call action banter and action. We we'll discuss what is this. This you got and find leader just this year. Must be a this one. And I'm not as bad. I'm just published as quite as I'm quite it it appears and want another option called dropped. We have to give some props here and the customer comes in. What is your let me know your name and your name please. We have entered for prompts. It would pick at random the eastern Ogaden those Gen-Xer and the answers here will get in here to see if it can be tested. All right. So it is not giving me just forms. This response is asking me for this Baumberger actually but it detected that despite me does not provide it. So I set this up so it is. It is collective as this. Then what is this business entity business entity. Also have some building on Benjamin to do to use for like mean other which you can see here. You mean we will use some of the Get some more bounders let's say we asked how many persons he wanted to what you little ones are three we automatically detect. We have a number of them as the number entity that it has something to them to do do to use for like no longer need e-mail anymore. Country City. But it would automatically add better to your market as required and some day find some prompts like this. The first on the same would say tested Oh he's asking for name arrogancy do I'm going to be quiet because this is a developer. So what is he doing all these things. Say asking for me but I'm going to force it. What is one thing that you just mentioned. First it was just such a handsome name first. You also do this. This is one so that you just mentioned first I suppose to do something for me. It's good to meet you. And that's the second one which is the number of FOTR because how many person. If I'm so wrong it's up to say again whole room for how many persons and it will come again and again if I am wrong I'll get the right vote both images are collected and you have to be present for that and just like here. Let's see those letters. So what you to answer is these sometime it doesn't detect it. So you've got to lead by hand and you've recently need it. Right. And you can simply add it and doing those Valletta paramita here right here. Mark is required to find drawing these like you can add as many drunk as you want. There's no limit my responses involved much like you save it. Check it. What is your you're going to see any English in here. It has built into dealer names so it can detect any English name. Forget how many persons or three persons know you tell them your email address I'm going to say and simply it doesn't affect my e-mail address my name and how many person I want to go to the service and has responded with a looking glass as far as what is the next step the next step is going to make our own entity. The data flow provides some the entities but sometimes we really do make it ourself. OK. Thank you. And I will upload this as an expose and I uploaded it up as a tree right here and share that in the interest of that disruption you. So see your next video by.