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Make Your Portrait Photography Amazing With Easy Photoshop

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  • At the end of this course you will know how to edit your portraits to make the best out of them. You will be able to do so using Photoshop without having to become and expert at this complicated software. Here are the things that you will know how to do without any difficulties:
  • - Erase spots and imperfections
  • - Fade wrinkles
  • - Fade shiny skin areas
  • - Remove dark skin areas
  • - Give shine to the eyes
  • - Erase unwanted hair
  • - Make the skin smooth and uniform
  • - Define eyebrows
  • - Make highlights in the hair
  • - Work the brightness and contrast
  • - Etc.
English [Auto] We will now use your clone stem to this tool as the name indicates allows us to clone Spart of the image to do so. We have to indicate what area of the image we want to clone. And we do so with the Alt key priced. We select a tool and we will clone this area that I am now indicating just above it. We're going to select a bigger size so it covers the whole area. The size here is the one we want. We minimize a window so it doesn't annoy us and now we move to the beginning of the line. We present a key and the cursor appears and I select the area clicking just once we make sure that the opacity and flow are at 100 percent each. Now we move just above the line where we want to clone and we click and drag you will see that the cross appears indicating us what area we are cloning each time we keep moving left without letting go of the mouse. Do we have the whole line cloned. You can keep practicing with this tool as many times as you like to understand exactly how it works. Try to clone in different areas and with the percentages at different levels. For example if we go up here and we lower the percentages a beat and we select a line and proceed to clone it. You will be able to see that the clone area is not as strong as before. It isn't at the hundred percent because we have selected a different person. So it will be less strong as before.