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Learn the basics of email marketing before we delve into MailChimp!

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The Complete Mailchimp Email Marketing Course

Learn how to use Mailchimp, grow an email subscriber list and build high quality email marketing campaigns!

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  • Learn how to create A/B split test campaigns with MailChimp
  • Create highly optimized and high quality email marketing campaigns in MailChimp
  • Understand and navigate the MailChimp platform with ease
  • Set up MailChimp email lists
  • Create opt in and signup forms on MailChimp
  • Build hyper-segmented email lists
  • Build squeeze pages that capture emails at a high rate
  • Create email content that gets opened and converts
  • Understand key metrics while A/B split testing and analyzing email marketing data
  • Learn how to market and profit from your growing email list
English [Auto] Now let's cover my email marketing basics. My number one rule is to always have a goal. So there's several reasons to obviously send an email. First you just want to share news build your brand loyalty educate your subscribers invite people to an event drive traffic to your site to sell a product or service but you need to ask yourself what is your specific purpose before you create an email. Think about the outcome you want. Are you trying to grow your business or email list. Are you trying to sell a product or are you trying to get donations have a goal in mind and tailor your information and your call to action to that idea or plan before I send any email. I ask myself How am I trying to establish myself in my brand as an industry expert and did this email come across as that my number two rule Don't always be selling send an email newsletter with educational information tips how tos and industry news. If you're constantly providing high quality high value content to your customers via these emails then they will be open to the occasional sales pitch for your product or service. I like to follow the 80 20 rule 80 percent of my emails are high value high quality free educational content. Then 20 percent of my emails are sales pitch emails selling my product or service. But make sure to send what you promised at sign up if subscribers signed up for tips and tactics delivered twice a week. That's what you should deliver. Part of keeping your email readers engaged is sending the information they actually subscribe to. My number three rule mail regularly. You want your email subscribers to think of your business when they need that product or service you offer. So remind them of your presence with an email. For my clients I mail at minimum once per month always include a mix of images and text and make sure to include links back to your Web site products and services. I like to tell my customers what I want them to click V.A. a call to action. Click here to shop. Click here to enroll now. Sign up for your free mini course by clicking here. Finally make sure to include your postal address and an unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails. This address and unsubscribe link is required by the Canned Spam Act. Luckily MailChimp does this automatically for you. My number four rule build high quality email list never by email addresses. This is a terrible idea and the recipient is almost sure to unsubscribe and not only will they unsubscribe. They'll talk badly about your company to friends because they didn't sign up for your newsletter and they're considering this spam. The better quality your email list are the more likely your email will get delivered. Read and clicked. Only use opt in email addresses for your marketing. Those are people who have agreed to receive your email you'll see higher engagement and fewer unsubscribe or spam complaints when you actually email people who opted in to this newsletter buying emails never works. Slow and steady list growth wins the race every time. Now my final tip for e-mail marketing is using ISP and email service provider and email service provider can help your small business generate and send emails to very targeted customer email list plus your ISP can store and grow your email list automatically. I think it's just crazy when I see some of these clients I sign on for the first time I see their email lists are still in an excel file. This is so inefficient. So start using an email service provider to help streamline not only your email campaigns but also your email list growth. So there's a lot of types of email service providers all of them offer a variety of email services such as building those email list creating email templates giving you analytics on your emails you've sent offering A B split testing for your email campaigns and so on. So there's two types of email services the first one is for small companies and the second is for enterprises enterprise e-mail services have all functional capabilities of small business services but they have additional features like management tools advanced API advanced filters for segmentation and drag and drop emails series EDS. The top enterprise platforms I use for big clients in general there's no demo or free trial accounts for enterprise platforms. For the most part you already have that massive email list and you need to upload and manage it now so you know and you have to be willing to pay possibly thousands of dollars per year to manage that email list. But these are for databases that are 50000 users plus if my clients have less than 50000 thousand users I usually use a small business email marketing platform. Most small business email marketing providers have that free demo option free accounts enable you to have email lists usually less than 1000 to 2000 email addresses. The biggest email platform in the world is MailChimp. Some other top companies include a Weber Campaign Monitor get response and constant contact. Also note though the MailChimp free plan includes up to two thousand contacts and up to 10000 sends per month. So a lot of small businesses can stay on this free plan forever with MailChimp MailChimp has the largest share of users on the market and really have an easy to use and friendly user interface. I use MailChimp for nearly 90 percent of my clients. Even as you grow they have really competitive pricing for those a large fifty thousand plus email list sizes.