Installing R and R Studio (Mac, Linux & Windows)

Kirill Eremenko
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In this video, Kirill explains in details how to install R programming language and R studio on your computer so you can swiftly go through the rest of the course.

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English Hello welcome back to the course on machine learning. Super excited to have you on board. And today I'm going to show you how to install R studio and the R programming language onto your computer so it doesn't matter whether you have a Mac or a Windows PC. The steps are very very similar. And going to be doing this on a Windows PC. So just follow along and we'll get it sorted in no time. All right so first thing you'll need is as always a browser. So I've got my Chrome browser here and the first website they're in to go to is you don't have that in just a: And so if you go here you will see a page like this. And here you can download R for Linux, Mac or Windows. So I'm going to install R for Windows and that's one which Click this link here but a select a version that's best for your machine. And then once we here all we need to do is click this link. This is what you want to install. This is what you want to install R for the first time so it just showing you here exactly and then just install the latest version of R So actually just download it You'll get an exit file for Windows and then you'll just need to run it and that will install the R programming language onto your machine. So I'm just going to. While it's downloading I'm just going to show you what it looks like for Mac. So if you go for the Mac version and then here you just need to kind of read through some of these comments I guess and download this version over here. This is the latest one. Again it depends on the version of your Mac if you have the latest version of Mac that will be obvious which for download so you'll probably get this version or we're here and download on to Mac. And obviously, I don't need that version because my computer is a Windows. Then once you have R downloaded just run this file it's going to ask Windows might ask you some security questions and then select OK and then just the standard installation process just go through. I'm not going to do this because I already have it installed. Best of course. Install it on on the recommended drive and once installed That's it. So you've got R on your machine. But the thing here is that we also need an IDE an integrated development environment to work with R and the best environment for working with R And that's that I find and probably most people find is R studio. It's a environment developed specifically for working with R and it is very very convenient for a data science type of thing. So to get to R studio you need to go to WWW.RSTUDIO.COM one word and then just click R studio over here in the bottom and next in this on this page just scroll down and download R studio desktop so it's a free software just as R is free. R studio is also free so just download R studio for desktop and then it's going to take you to download page and then you just need to make sure just to get the free one you don't need the commercial license . So you need R studio desktop to click download and then installer's. So again select your platform whether it's Windows Mac or something else and just download this store and there you go. It's going to download to a computer. Give it a second. It's going to start loading just now. There it is. And so once it's loaded again all you have to do is run the installation process. Very straightforward. And when it's all done you'll get R studio. You'll be able to launch our studio which will automatically detect that R programming language which installed into machine earlier and so R studio looks like this. Congratulations If you've got an up to this step that means you've installed R studios. I'm going to expand it to full screen mode here and this is exactly the environment that we're going to be working with and hopefully, you've already somewhat familiar with R. And that will help you pick up the tutorials that are upcoming very quickly. And just to finish off today's tutorial I'm going to quickly show you how you can customize R studio so if you're windows you need to go to tool tools and go to Global Options on a Mac. It'll be somewhere on the left will be a button R studio and there will be preferences or you can also go through tools and it's how the preferences are Global Options. It's not it's not that hard to allocate. It's a bit different than the Mac but still the same same kind of menu that you're looking for and then an appearance you can change the appearance of your R studio. So it's up to you it's your individual preference. You can change what it looks like so let me click Apply let me try a different one. It wasn't a good choice so Cobalt is a good one. And then you can change the size. So like I'm going to change the size and in this course you'll see that the size is changed so that we can see better the code but you don't have to. And then you can just change the different color schemes you want for your code and you've got some lovely previews over here. And that just helps you better adjust R studio to your preference. So if you want to default and you just select Text Mate and will be the default version and to finish off let's just quickly type in the standard coding practice for and install a new programming language and computer. So just type in print and then in brackets. Hello world. That will be our first program in R studio so just press enter after that. And there you go. It's a run for you on a Mac. I think it's Command return to run some code. So there we go. That's our studio installed. And I look forward seeing you on the next tutorial, until then enjoy Machine learning