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In this lesson, we'll go over the particle vortex lower third.

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English [Auto] Hey what's up. This is Phil Ebner back with another lesson in the amazing lower thirds class. Today we're going to be talking about creating a particle vortex. Thank you for joining me today. Of course check out video school online dot com for more great things about video and video production everything from production to editing. Lots of great free free content. So let's get right into it. I created this awesome what I call vortex particle. Lower Third. Check it out right here. So we got the particles coming out coming up like a little vortex there going away. The name comes up I added this little shadow of fact that I did this because sometimes it's like a brighter background like this it's hard to see these particles. So I want to make sure that we see these awesome particles. Of course I have this background image right here which is not a person typically Lord thirds CO on on people but I don't want to you know have to make you look at my ugly face for fought for this entire course. I'm using this image. Cool. Thank you for watching. I'm excited. This is going to a cool cool tutorial so let's get straight into I'm going to teach you how to make this one. When we just zoom in a little bit more so you get a better idea of exactly what's going on. So the particles come up this line comes out and up pops full Ebner and down pops online instructor. My my information. OK so go for it. So first in your prop project file folder over here you want to create a new comp and 1920 by 10 A.D. is perfect. 15 seconds is good enough. I'm just going to call this particle particle course. The case of the new comp first thing we want to do is create those particles to go up here go look new layer new solid layer and new solid. And we want to pick a color that we want our powder particles can be you can pick whatever I like these like light blue colors for the particles. So of course that just creates this big solid. So we have to go over the facts and presets and type and particle. Now we're going to use particle systems too. So once you drop that onto your comp as you can see I just click drag and drop it there you can drag it onto your layer down here as well. It gives you this. This is the first option that gives you this kind of I don't know it's like a firework kind of like sparkler effect. And so we're going to go into these effects and change them into everything we want to make it look like the particle vortex I was using first for particle go down at the bottom. Particle menue particle type. We're going to go down to Len's concave and this makes it little circles like this. You know you can use these other ones that aren't ones convex is also a good a good one. Glenns fade that can be a good one too. I actually like Glen's face. So let's let's switch to blends fade. We're going to change the birth size to zero. That means when it first appears on the screen it's going the size is going to be zero. And then the death size we're going to make point 1 0. So these are very small very surmising and see it's really small right now. So we're going to change some of these other things so go up the birth rate and we're going to go 2.1 longevity. We're going to keep that to point to and then go down to physics. Right now it's on the explosive animation. But we're going to change it to vortex. We're also going to change the velocity to point two. We're going to go down to gravity and change that to point three resistance. We're going to go around 10 and so we're going to leave at 1 for the producer you can go down here and click this little object right here this little target. I'll bring that up and once you bring your mouse over to the main composition screen can click wherever you want. And then from there you can click and drag. So click and drag it to around you know around where our lower thirds are going to be right about there. So it is going to be kind of like the bed for lower thirds. As you can see if you render it out there we have our particle you know our particle effect and it looks super cool. I really love it. Particles come up and then they go out and they just kind of like fade into the distance over here on the right is kind of fade. That's the very first step in creating this particle system. We're going to I'm going to click this toggle transparency grid so that we don't see the we see the black or we see what's transparent and not just the black background. I'm going to add this image just so we can see what's going on. When I decrease the size of this that so right here you can tell that the particles are really hard to see right at this moment as they come up there. You know it just kind of blends into the background. And I wanted them to stand that I'm going to create another layer solid I'm going to make this one black and then from here I'm going to decrease the size of this to 50 percent so that we see more of this then I'm going to click this pen tool and create a custom mask. So I'm going to go up here click there the bomb click up here click and drag it to create kind of a curve could go over here and then kind of make the curve go down to the bottom on the screen and you close it. Once you do that you have this shape right here. Obviously this isn't looking too good or particles. The first thing I want to do is feather out this edge a little bit so press and am honored keyboard to bring up all these mask effects and just so 200 is 200 is pretty good. And then from there I'm going to actually fix this mask a little bit so you can you know click on the mask or click on the layer actually this over here in the timeline and just kind of bring it up bring up the points make sure that the curve is nice and I like that a lot better and have this drop down before the corner over there. OK. Click on this letter again the black solid All Blacks. It is a good name for here. You can click on these and press enter to rename them. This is part of course and then change that name to particle. Once you have black songs selected press t bring up the opacity. I'm going to drop this down to 15 right now. So for the final call I actually added this kind of blue fade or this blue saw you know a little blue background as well. On top of the black background that we added to do that I'm just going to duplicate this black solid pressing Commandery on my Mac keyboard. I'm going to rename this to blue solid and then I'm going to change the solid setting so I've got to layer solid settings you can also press command shift y. I'm going to click this color I'm going to make it similar to the blue that we had the particles B be now on like it completely covers the black now so I'm going to just drop it down. So I'm just going to press shift on the keyboard. Hit the down key. So that kind of goes like that. I'm going to decrease the passing on this one even more so I'm going to make that 25 percent. So it's very subtle and very subtle transition from the blue to the black me even a little bit more or something and make that about 20 the black all make about 40. That's pretty dark right there. That looks a lot better. Ok nexts to add our text or title so I'm just going to click the title the text or click down here and type in my name. So right now if you go to your character panel if it's not up you can go to a window and select character and it should pop up over here on the right side. I'm using Helvetica noir and bold. I'm going to change that too. I'm just going to change that to regular. I'm going to increase the size a little bit. Try 100 and then I like having this all caps button on for the four for that lower thirds especially for my first first and last name. Now I'm just going to position this about here where a lower third would be. This makes me think that this the particles are actually a little bit too high. So I'm going to click the particle layer. Good FX control panel go to the producer and click that target button and get in. That will give us more room for our title here. So I'm going to have my time be right about. They're going to duplicate this layer and D or can copy paste move it down below and then change it to whatever my time title is online instructor or and whether you know it can be whatever whatever you want but I don't like the size of this and I don't like that it looks exactly like text above. So I'm going to change it to like italic and I'm going to decrease the size to 50 and maybe 60. You can see it's just kind of playing with it to see what looks best and bring up a little bit. I sew on little space inbetween the Philip Ebner and the online instructor so that I can have a line pop out. So there we have our basic title. And then I want to add one more layer. This is the last layer before we add all the motion. It's a solid We will make this bright bright blue. OK then I'm going to take this shape tool the rectangle tool over here and create a really thin mask. So then I can so there I have a line and then I'm going to just move it over if I can grab it underneath. The filibuster and I'm just going to use the keyboard because sometimes it's easier to just use the arrow keys pressing shift and the arrow keys will also help you move these objects faster. So just move right there between Philip Ebner and the on line instructor want to go to the end. So just line it up with. See I'm lining up at the end of my name right there. I want to be a little bit thinner so I'm going to zoom in on this. I'm going to double click that I'm going to go over here and decrease the size ever so slightly. I have a little bit thinner line. OK so there we have our basic you know the final is what it's going to look like. You know when it comes up of course with the particles coming out and everything but on my original comp I have added some motion. So as the particles started coming the background came up the line. So you can see this line coming out it comes out. Philip ever pops up and the online instructor pops down. So we're going I'm going to teach you how to do that. All right. Now first let's. So this we're going to rename line. So these are the black the black and the blue solids. We're just going to select both. We are going to set a key frame for positioning right about here when these are at about 1 second. When these particles start to reach the peak of their path. So press P to bring up position for these two objects when they're selected and select the stopwatch then go back you know eight nine 10 frames and just press shift and bring them down so that they're off the screen completely off the screen. OK. So just like that they are gone. And as you can see now they will pop up over time just like that you know pop up some degree the animation for the titles. I'm going to compose these three items the line on line and Shaktar and Philip Abner. So for me on a mag you press command shift C on Windows I'm sure it's either controls shift C or Commanche see if you have that. I'll rename this composition titles I'm going to turn off this or toggle the transparency transparency grid. So it's black so I can see what I'm doing. So go back to your particle course comp right here and move the time line this time cursor basically type marker to where you want the motion to start. For this for our titles. So I'm going to want to start right as soon as the black and the blue background shapes move to the top. So go right there. And now our timer timeline marker is exactly at that spot at one second. So first the line we're going to set up position position keyframe. So we're going to set it there and then we're going to actually move the keyframe you know for a few frames ahead and then I'm going to just pressing shift and the arrows on my keypad and going to move this line off of the screen. So this again will create motion across these two keyframe So here it comes in and I'm going to turn on this click this motion blur so it simulates shutter duration and this will make it look a little bit nicer and make sure you click the motion blur. This enabling button right here as well. So as you can see when I run this out it will pop out as soon as this pops out. I want my Philip Ebner to pop up. So I'm going to like this for the owner. I'm going to put this above the line just so that you know it's in the order of how they appear on the screen Philip Ebner. Then the line. And then online instructor right here I'm going to actually set a position keyframe press P press the stopwatch. I'm also going to create a mask so when I create a mask around the the letters just go up to the mast tool rectangle or the rectangle tool. And while this layer is selected create this little rectangle around your title. Make sure the bottom of the mask lines up with this line and then when you have the masses selected press em to bring up this mask path option press of the stopwatch and then press you on the keypad. A couple of times to bring up all the keyframes that we've created so we created one for the positioning and one for the mascot. And we're going to move these up a few frames so this is you know as we we did before this is our final positioning but we want them to appear so I'm just going to sign this letter and on the keypad press shift and down to bring it below the line. So until all the text is below the line you can see there and zoom in to hear and then a bit so that we can see it better. But then we want the mask to move up so slight click the mask right here where is his mask. One and press shift and up to bring the mask up so you can see this is create a mask of it's moving the mask out off of the text. So it's staying right here. So in essence this the mass stays right here the entire time. And then our techs moves up. So as you can see right there are all render it out our text pops up just like so now we're going to do the same thing for the on line instructer but reverse. So selector instr. press P to bring up position set a keyframe go to the rectangle tool up here and then create a mask but this time we want the top of the mask to hit the line go down here. Press M and mass path will show a slit set it keyframe there by clicking the stopwatch. Press you a couple of times to bring up our keyframes on this this layer. So we have our mass path and our position keyframe like click and drag over both keyframes and move forward a few frames and as this time we want the instructor to go from above the line to below. So we're going to move it above the line and then we're also going to select or hit the mask click the mask one down here and move it down below the line. So this time the mask stays there and the text moves down into the mask. Let's check it out right here. See what it looks like. Looks pretty good to me. So we're going to go back to our particle particle coarse composition and we're going to let me just scrub through this so the star are we just have our you know our person talking so the lower third would on be on so in talking of course we go through the particle start to rise you can see right here the particles are rising. The black and the blue background. You know this little backdrop shadow pops up. The line comes out. My name comes up and then my more information comes down. So let me zoom in on this so that we can get a better view. And then we will will render it out and see our work. So rendering and out obviously takes a little bit of time. And yes so on the second for a Mac to render it out. If you if you have a heat a number pad on the right of your keyboard where it has just like the calculator functions as the number pad zero. And that will render it out in after effects. If you don't have one of those you can press control and zero on your keyboard to render it out. So check that out. We created this awesome particle lower third just like that. Our particles come up are our shadow comes up our line pops out our name and our information pops out of the wind. I think that is very cool a very cool way to show off our titles and it's way better than you know just simple text. And I hope you're. You think so too. If you have any questions please let me know. I hope you were able to follow along if I was going too fast. Make sure you ask questions and just let me know and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. So thank you for watching this. This lesson I hope you enjoyed it. And as always check out video school online dot com for more tips tricks and tutorials. And if you have any questions let me know. Thanks and have a great day. Bye.