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In this Intro to the course we will quickly look at our source files and then jump straight into Maya

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Logo and Graphic Design Using Maya and ZBrush for All Levels

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English [Auto] Kay welcome to this course on creating a lighthouse using Maya and zebrafish for rendering. OK so what I've done is created a folder here. Who do I ask. If I'm not up we can see what is going on here. Now this is a White House in Comal and I'm going to do a kind of logo based on this lighthouse. Now it's not to be exactly the same. So I'm going to use a bit of artistic license here but generally this is what I'm going for right next I'm going to open up maya. OK. So it is open. So what I'm going to do is to start creating my pieces. Now I'm going to start with the lighthouse itself and then do the modeling of the little island of the woods which I'll probably do is a kind of flat plane and then do a bit of sculpting in the brush. So I'm going to go to my side view actually I'm going to go to see my perspective mode. So I'm pressing mousing over the panel here and I'm just pressing the spacebar and it brings it up in the press. Again it brings it back down. So make sure that you've got your actual settings set up with on foot displaying for lots of windows and do that. We go to window and view arrangement and then I've clicked four panels. Yes you can change this if you want to if you mainly use other ones you can go into different arrangements. You do see two side by side etc. etc.. And he could split back to what he is but I'm going to use 4 panes makes it easier to split it around. OK. So the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to go in perspective and I'm going to create my little railings for the edge of the lighthouse itself. That's these kind of bits that run around you can't see it there. But if I do this one you can see there's little Grayling's there. You probably can't see it's quite small but it's up a bit. They're sort of railings and Arcel work from there credible flag at the top. So polygons giving out a polygon and I'm just going to grab a little tubular bit like this. They don't make short on shading or smooth shade or. And I'm also going to turn on wireframe on shady. Show me the wireframe itself. So from here on out press the arcade guy or you can press these very tight and move. So they go I'm going to put that down here. I'm clicking the middle to scale uniformly and then I'm going to clip the y axis here just to bring this up about the size of a rail. That's about right. OK. And now I'm going to just create a little I'm looking actually do I need as many divisions as that on this piece but you know what I think I do. I'm going to create a little round circle now and then so be kind of the very top of the polls I'm scaring him and I'm just going to press the case that I can push this to the top of the pole. OK. And now I'm going to just come in here and everything is set on default. But if I wanted to actually change the settings I could come into the attributes editors here and actually access to flags up and I can come in here and I can select different levels if I want to. But this is nice and smooth. It's going to be fine for what I needed to do. OK. Right now I'm going to just grab these faces here. I'm going to tell you I don't press in the case of zoom in I'm just going to grab these faces if I come around this side you'll see that actually I've selected the faces on the other side as well. Let me just go back and just if you want to isolate this view I'm going to show selecting the object code show isolate and piece selected correct and coming back into here. And I'm going to select these faces and you can select these four across here and I'm coming back into perspective mode. Now if you look you can see the bottom has been selected but I don't want them to be selected so I'm going to press their press and hold the control key and I'm going to drag it. Days of them. These are the same. Now I'm going to go up to make sure that I'm on polygons there and then I'll go to any mention extrude. Now I'm going to press the W-K here move so I can just move this straight up. And I'm also going to press the OK so I can scale down. So it forms a little point at the top 10 to further refine this patch. I'm going to leave it as that is fine for what I need. Do I want to. Oh now I'm going back to isolate so that it's I'm going to show isolate selected and then we'll get does not compute. Now what I need to do is I just need to group these. So I'm going to click this one click this one and I'm going to go to it and then groups sort I'm take my time and normally press control which is a short cut now that means that this actually sorry I'm going to go out on intros that this is actually a group in L.A. you'll see that it's created a group there by Down age group going to go back some pressing control that a couple of times. So get rid of this group out there and you want to put these two matches to get us. I'm going to gather match combine. Now that's one machine here. It's going to be a lot easier for me to work with. Right now I need to do is create the platform for the actual cube itself or the lighthouse. So I going to come in here and now just make sure my skating's are all going to be correct for the scale of the thing itself. But as you can see it's going to have to be a lot bigger than this. So I'm going to bring this right out say the writings about there would be sufficient. I'm going to wrap this sorry. I come in here. At the moment temporary him just bring this down. He's that double. Kate I'm just going to bring it down. They're just out of the way a little bit just sits at the bottom of that post and I'm thinking that could actually do it being a bit big of some select again pressing the key energy and bring it out a bit more. I'm going to select this one and I'm going to go to the.