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  • Installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
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  • Getting Help in Red Hat Enterprise Linux
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  • Configuring and Securing OpenSSH Service
  • Managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Networking
  • Installing and Updating Software Packages
  • sftp with lab session
  • rsync command
English [Auto] Hello everyone. Let's continue and do the rest part of the solution of Linux operating system. In the last lecture we have simply created the template of the Linux operating system in which we have chosen the required resources for the Linux operating system. Now the next part is that this is my template here and I have to click this added for tool machine setting then I have to go for those city drive. And here after specified the IOC image of my Linux operating system. If you want to go with centers then you should have the iso image of St. Louis is if you want to go with the redhead. Then he should have the ISO made of the red. And wherever you have they image you have to browse and provide the location here. Once you're done with that press or key and then click on power on this virtual machine it will start booting with my seated time. Here you can see the few options. The first one is this tall the redhead enterprise Lennox seven point six. Second one is the test thus media. If you want to test the media that is your city drive your you or is that we have in the city today. If you want to check the media then you have to first go with the second option and the second third one is a troubleshooting if you want to you know troubleshoot. Then you can move in that suppose you have already an operating system which is running fine on your system but there is some issue with the Atlantic's operating system then you can boot your system with the city type and then you can select the troubleshooting mode. So here we have to do the installation part. So first I'm going with the first option that is install that Linux operating system press enter this solution has been started now here you can see that it is showing SLAs as How do you it just pass on. So SLAs as ideal is the device file name for your media that is your set time on which we have the operating system. So first it tries to mount the city dry and then it started you know doing this talisman. After that a welcome window will open here. It will take a few more seconds from now. Now you can see the welcome to that enterprise seven point six. So first option is what language would you like to use during this transition. So I want this English here I can choose Inglis India so you can choose according to your location next. Now you can see few options are coming now. This is the time which is showing Isha in Kolkata you can choose according to your location. So simple here you have to type the location DNS surmised Isha and Isha. This is my Calcutta and what's all the time you want to choose. You can do that from here. The date location everything you can do it after that. And the extreme left at the top you can see done best done. This is the keyboard language English installation source. So my stylish source is my the city drive on which we have the iso image. So it is already selected here. So if you want to do the solution from the network. So you have that option as well done. And you can see a few more option software selection. So this is the base environment if you want to go with the minimal installation just click it will install an operating system with the minimum softwares. And this is infrastructure. So here you can see the add ons selected investment. So if you want to with the G.A. mode here you can select. So with J. And here you can select whatever the package you want the other add ons. Okay. So I would suggest you go with this over with Jay mode. And then in the ones you do this to listen complete this coalition of Linux operating system you can do the solution of any package like your DNS e-mail service with the Yum that will understand the while we're doing the young country nation. After that you can click on done and then here it is checking for the server software businesses. It will take a few seconds here now. Now here you can see the installation destination like you this on which we have. We are going to stall an operating system. So if you remember that we had chosen you know virtual this TGV for the solution of your Linux operating system. So it is doing the same. This is a local standard disk. And here you can see that few options are coming like partitioning. If you choose this one automatically configure the partition so your system will create default partitions on your system. But if you want that you want to create your own partitions like my route partition should be you know all 15 give or 20 DB whatever I want a few more partitions like Slash home slice there is less us less Obeidi next. Then you can go with that option. That is I will configure the partitioning. After that you have to click DNA. So it will take you up to the window from where we can create your own partition. So here you can see that few options are coming. This is the standard partition your B.T. orifice album and then provisioning ninety nine percent of people either choose with the standard partitioning or and partitioning extended partition is something like suppose if you have created the partition size suppose you have created the root partition of 15 DV or home partition of five DV. So if you have done with the standard partition so you cannot further extend it. So this is you know we can say disadvantage if you are going with the standard partitioning you cannot for that extent. So whatever you have created that would be fixed now if you go with the algorithm so you have you know that much of flexibility album his having a lot of features and with the help of album you can further extend your filesystem as well. You can add furthermore disk with that and you can extend the filesystem this B.T. artifice is basically you know this is a modern file system but that is currently you know unusable format begins C unstable. So we are not currently it is not in use. And this one is the last one that is a Albion tin provisioning so tin provisioning is basically we can it this is the feature of full album. So if you are going with Alvin Tim producing the logical volumes can be thin liberalism. This allows you to create logical volumes that are greater than of label extents. So I am not going into detail of that. We'll discuss we have a separately no section on that. So once we will be going with that Alvin provisioning then we'll discuss more on that. So that you can go with the standard partition or album. So I am using a standard partition here you can see plus is an option which is giving you to create your partisan Suppose I want my rule partition would be no well GV so you can choose like that. So here this partition has been created now I can get female politicians like my boot would be five hundred and B so you can add these mon points suppose if you want few more partitions like I want my slice home it should be somewhere on to GV so you can select like this for I want my swept partition. I want it should be to. So you can select like this. So what I have done here simply I have created the partitions manually. After that has done now at the top and accept changes. This done now. Caden is already enable this network and hostname so that if it is off you can make it on. There is an option configure you can configure the network. So this is the name of your internet card when your system will come up if it is fired. If conflict come on the internet name would be e n s 33. It is automatically if you want to make it manually you can click manually as well and then you can specify the IP as well. So what would I be one you can give it if you are choosing the option manually and that's done now. Security Policy. So if you want to apply sort of a policy you can select had done and then begin installation. Here you have to send that with possible good password. You can give any password. That would be the root password to do the super user. So what do the passwords you going to give here. You should remember it. Use a condition you can clear the user name as well. So if you want to give any user name. If I am giving S1. So if you want to make it as a user idealistically you can take care. But I want this user should be a normal user only done everything is done now says Tolson is going on it will take you know 5 for 10 minutes for the complete installation of this redhead. So from this solve on this lecture I hope you have understand what are the steps which can be used to do this totally shut off Linux operating system. So friend that's all for this lecture. Thanks for watching and if you have time please join with me in the next lecture. Thanks.