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Complete Linux Bash Shell Scripting with Real Life Examples

Shell Scripting and Programming to Automate your Daily Tedious Tasks

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  • Students will be able to understand shell scripting concepts
  • Students will be able to write basic to advance level shell scripts
  • Students will understand how shell scripts become useful to automate daily system administration tasks
  • How to accept input from a user and then make decisions on that input
English [Auto] Show what is a show in this lesson will cover about the show how the show works and how you can run commands within the shelf or Howard environment. It's set up in a shop. So what exactly is a shell shell is like a container like you know you have like a Tupperware in your home or any kind of containers that holds your environment your information inside of it. It's interfaces between users and kernels or operating systems. So you have built an operating system and then it has provided a platform you to execute commands. Again Windows is one of the platform and a Windows operating system. When you start up a GUI you execute commands by running by double clicking on a program. So that going to face is your shell. In Linux when you don't have a GUI you are given a terminal shell or C or like a man that is your shell to find your shell. You could run a command like Ecko dollars dollar and zero that would tell you which shell you are in and you could also get a listing of all your shares in your Linux distribution by running the command cat at sea shells. Your show is also inside of ETSI password that is defined inside of the file in Windows GUI is a show in Linux KDE ego is a shell in Linux as it is shawled bash etc. All these are the shell that is provided to a user. Again we're looking at this diagram again and we are second from the top will see the application that talks to the shell and then shell talks to kernel and kernel is the one that is telling hardware what to do. Let's look look at our Linux machine and we'll see how we could find our shop open up a terminal or a quick and when you do cat sorry when you do echo dollar zero it tells you you are in bash. So you could look at the available shell that is install in your distribution by doing cat at sea shields and tell you all the shows that are available and when you look at ETSI password cat see password and you'll see in my username which is right here. It tells the shell is all the way at the end. I have a defined Shield which has been bash. I could change this show if I want to to a different show but I try to keep it consistent with other users so that the shell does and will code later the little lessons how we could talk to Schaal to create scripts and other things to automate our tasks.