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In this lesson, we will review what it means to be a solutions architect. We'll list the foundational areas of competence that every AWS solutions architect must have.

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English [Auto] Hi and welcome back in this video we're going to discuss what a solutions architect actually is and what one does to follow along in the Arayan papers. Click on appendix. And then what is a solution. Architect now in a broad sense a solutions architect is someone who takes the high level business and custom requirements and turns those into an architectural design. Now that design should follow best practices and W-S they have a framework for this known as the well architected framework which we're going to introduce later on in the course besides designing a solution. However a solutions architect is expected to be an ongoing resource for the deployment and operations of the infrastructure and they'll be responsible for making sure best practices are followed throughout the lifecycle of the project. Need of us to be successful solutions architect. You need to understand a couple of foundational areas very well. One is you have to be able to design architectures that are resilient and resilient means that they are highly available and more fault tolerant in the event of component failures or solutions architect also has to understand how to leverage caching scalability and plasticity to achieve maximum performance efficiency from the infrastructure. They also have to be able to identify the most cost efficient solutions particularly for compute and storage and of course since this is the cloud they have to be very focused on security knowing how to secure the application layer the data layer and network layers. And finally they have to be aware of all the ways that they could help achieve operational excellence by including appropriate design features in their architecture. So now that you understand what the solutions architect is supposed to know in what they do you should make sure that's a good fit for your expectations because in addition to solutions architect roles there are also systems operations developing dev ops. There are many roles that you could play in an I.T. organization that's leveraging eight of us. So hopefully before you proceed you've decided that a solutions architect career is one that you want before we wrap up this video. Let's take a look at a quote from tech. Target dot com that defines a cloud architect very well a cloud architect is an I.T. professional who is responsible for overseeing a company's cloud computing strategy. This includes cloud adoption plans cloud application design and cloud management and monitoring cloud architects oversee application architecture and deployment in cloud environments including public cloud private cloud and hybrid cloud. Additionally cloud architects act as consultants to their organization need to stay up to date on the latest trends and issues. So that last point is one that is often overlooked. You need to keep abreast of the changes and improvements that are occurring on us so that you could implement those for lowering cost and improving performance efficiency on an ongoing basis. Now that we've covered what solutions architect is let's move on to the next video where we'll introduce the well architected framework.